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Anders Indset – The Infected Mindset.

Since 2020, we have been shaken awake from a fatal nap. Over the past 50 years, we have become too comfortable in taking things for granted, ignoring the trouble spots of our world. Anders Indset argues for a new and rediscovery of thinking. A thinking that questions our basic attitudes and not only allows but welcomes change. We must open ourselves to paradoxes, to simultaneities and the unknown – in order to recognize effective forces in time and to act accordingly before they shake our society as catastrophes. Only if we are open to the world, we have the chance to shape a co-human and hopeful future.

Infected thinking is a short-coming for a new generation of thinkers – and for the day after that….

That day when we come to terms with leaps of thought and contradictions. The day we learn from history, but at the same time question it. That day when we stop using our personal experiences alone as the standard and stop listening to what we want to hear. On that day when we understand categorizations and classifications as changeable and thereby (consciously) evolve. The day we not only accept the fluidity of normality, but learn to appreciate it. On that day, when we free ourselves from our self-evident things and deal with world comprehensibility in order to arrive at the new self-evident.

“Simplicity is the most complex thing today”.

Anders Indset argues that today we need to “unlearn” in order not to run the risk of basing decisions on flawed experience “Vicious Wisdom”. “Unlearning” represents a central factor for him to gain a deeper knowledge without losing focus – or in Anders’ words, “Simplicity is the most complex thing today”.

His audience leaves his presentations with a concrete, practical toolbox full of possibilities for implementation. Anders Indset makes it a point not to force his audience into a rigid corset, but rather to philosophically stimulate their thinking and give them a new mindset along the way.