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Boris Johnson is polarizing with his opinions on Brexit. As a former Mayor of London and Secretary of the United Kingdom, he is now the focus of attention with explicit opinions on Brexit. Today he also talks about his story and views outside the political sphere.


However, the newspaper titles about Boris Johnson are not entirely positive at the moment. The journalists call him, among other things, an unconscious opportunist whose main aim is to see himself well.


His biography is fascinating


A brief look at his biography sheds light on his profession and likely also on his motives. Boris Johnson is the oldest of four children in New York, USA. His parents are British and returned to the UK where he grew up. Perhaps, being the eldest of the children, he shaped his character: he could learn to take care of himself very early. No wonder his father was already active in British politics.


The past of Boris Johnson or his ancestors could have brought history to a dramatic thriller: his Turkish great-grandfather was the last Home Secretary of the Ottoman Empire. For several reasons, he had to escape to London and switch his name to “Wilfred Johnson.”


In fact, Boris Johnson’s great-great-great-grandparents have a very remote connection with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles through the royal family of Württemberg.


Boris Johnson asserts his opinion on Brexit clearly


Boris Johnson enjoys sharing his story, beliefs, and motivations as one of the leading speakers to whom he unquestionably belongs.


Related to the Brexit

Somehow it is no shock with such a family history that Boris Johnson has become the person he is. He is intelligent; he certainly knows how to portray himself and likes open confrontation. Boris Johnson expresses his opinion clearly, and critics sometimes blame him of not consistently supporting his point. Although, thanks to his rigorous course about Brexit, he has made a name for himself.


As a politician

As a former Mayor of London, he made a strong appeal for Britain to leave the European Union before the Brexit referendum in June 2016. He surely does not share the opinion of British Prime Minister Theresa May on the Brexit; on the contrary, he openly criticizes her aim of keeping close ties with the EU.


The press speculates that Boris Johnson may wish to become the new leader of the Conservative Party. There is no ambiguity that there can be such a goal, knowing that Boris Johnson is the man he is.


Boris Johnson as Brexit personality – book the speaker


Furthermore, there is no uncertainty that ‘BoJo,’ as the yellow press likes to label him, is an outstanding speaker: he has a good sense for his audience. There are more than enough reasons why it will be thrilling to see him and listen to him talking outside the political arena.


In his talks in English, he concentrates on Europe, the European Union and of course on Brexit and society in general.


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