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Business philosophy: Anders Indset on the world of tomorrow


Anders Indset is using a Business Philosophy to talk about the world of tomorrow.


What would Aristotle, Nietzsche or Wittgenstein consider if he were in this position? Anders Indset wants to preserve the treasures of history – the conceptions of great thinkers in human history. The Norwegian takes it in a very modern “Anders Indset” form.


We need an innovative philosophy of life!


Anders Indset is also called in the media as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Plato” or “Digital Jesus.” He inspires, excites and encourages leaders around the world.


“Today’s world is so unusual!” he speaks out loud to his audience. The auditorium is full. “I have no idea how to describe my daughters how the world will look in ten years. A giant with a mane, braid, and a big beard goes on stage and almost screams. He is excited about the topics he presents. Anders tells us new stories that we necessarily need to hear; he continues talking about the modern philosophy of life. About thinking and reasoning, because this era is so unstable and because we cannot know what to expect.


Transformation – try something new


Anders Indset talks about transformation, how to try something new and how to become a storyteller


He states: “You’re in charge of designing your own life.” He continues: “Go out and pee against the wind! Try something crazy; do something new! Although sometimes it gets unpleasant, there always is a way!”


Business Philosophy will wake you up


Anders Indset wakes us up, shakes us up, invites us to think with him: about our own behavior, about the environment we live in and above all about how we observe it. Despite artificial intelligence, industrialization, and algorithms that regulate our lives more and more, the business world cares about people; this is his belief.


Vulnerability is the starting point


Anders Indset articulates vulnerability as the starting point of innovation. He speaks of feelings manifesting themselves. He encourages us to think again in our lives and not to let the flow of information distract us. “Take your time to perceive! I want us to keep the right to make decisions about innovation. So far, thanks to our power, we have always been able to control new technologies. However, now we’re not just talking about artificial intelligence. We are talking about the construction of artificial consciousness.” Anders concludes that it will only be possible to change the situation together and after more time we allow us to think.


Anders Indset describes a vulnerable society


His question is: How should we begin now? He sees a society that is overloaded by information. Every situation becomes a crisis nowadays – from the global financial crisis to the European refugee crisis to the emergency of education and healthcare. Anders Indset illustrates an unstable society that is increasingly dependent on new artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms to find answers: “But trust in the algorithms of our destiny is dangerous,” declares the Business Philosophy supporter who has just written his new book “Quantum Economy – What Will Be After Digitalization?”


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