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1 – Do not forget about the purpose of your conference


It might sound very straightforward. You certainly know, what is the purpose of the conference in the Middle East which you are organizing. Make sure that everybody who is somehow related to this conference knows it as well.


You can communicate the purpose of the conference through different channels and in different occasions throughout your planning.


Include this information in your emails  

For example, when you are communicating with the Speakers Bureau, be prepared to describe the purpose of your conference correctly. The description will help the Relationship Manager in the Agency to assist you with the choice of the fitting speakers. The speaker will also consider the purpose of your conference and alter her/his presentation when needed.


If you are not sure how and when to include this information in your emails, create a pdf document that will include the name, place, date, and duration of your conference and attach an additional part about the purpose of the event as well. Now you can attach this document to your emails without spending too much time repeating the same information.


Publish this information online

If your conference in the Middle East has a Website, be sure to place the purpose of your meeting on an easily accessible place, like the menu panel. Your audience, speakers, and sponsors will know what to expect, and your event becomes professional and transparent.


Share the event in social media

If the audience is determined, you can either create a private group on Facebook or share the details of your conference in the Middle East on the related Pages or Accounts. When the meeting is only for the professionals from your company, use the company’s intranet and send an email to everyone invited.


When you are organizing a Conference, and everybody has the chance to take part, you can get creative and share the information of the conference in social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to explain the purpose of your event. The flyer should be informative yet engaging.


2 – Define your audience


When you are clear about the purpose of the conference in the Middle East, be sure to define your audience as well. Only in the case when the audience is not specified on the very beginning, then you have to include them already in the 1 point.


How should your audience perceive the purpose of your conference in the Middle East? If you want to be sure that the audience benefits from the meeting, be sure that it matches one of the options:


Conference informs your audience

Professional conferences with a strong focus on delivering information are meant for the audience interested in the given topic. Your participants are either specialists on this topic, or are interested in learning more about the subject. The overall level of knowledge should be very similar so that the audience can understand the presentations, but find it informative, not too trivial.


It amuses the audience

The Conference in the Middle East, or like in this case, events in general, can also have a less formal purpose. It can be organized to support networking activities, as a Christmas Party or to celebrate important dates like an anniversary.


This event will bring joy and connect people with similar interests. Be sure to create entertainment that everybody finds pleasant. You can also create a creative program, which is not too monotonous and has some amusing spots for everyone.


It motivates the attendants

There is also another option. You can organize a conference to motivate your audience. This can include topics about mindset, management, leadership, or future. Make sure that your audience is ready to perceive the given type of motivation.


If you invite a young audience, they will probably not be ready to process motivational speeches about the management of big international teams. Alternatively, you will probably not trying to explain the senior executives, that the first ten years of their career are determining.


Motivational speeches help only those who are mentally, emotionally, and situationally in the point, when they use a maximum of it.


Your audience and the purpose of the conference depend on each other

No matter what is the objective of the meeting, always ask yourself, if the audience will find this event useful in any way. If you know the purpose of the conference first and you are now ready to invite the audience, define your ideal viewer, and try to target the conference on such a group of people.


3 – Choose the type of conference at the beginning


The type of conference in the Middle East is one of the crucial decisions on the very beginning. It will affect the whole planning. Determining this point is not difficult. Ask yourself how you want to deliver the purpose of the conference to your audience. These two factors will help you.


Let me explain to you a few types of conferences which you might consider.


Networking conference

Platforms such as job fairs, professional association meetings and programs, local business meeting mixers and workshops, student and alumni events, trade fairs, and specialist conferences offer the possibility for beneficial personal networking. This type of conference will ensure enough attention and will give the participants many fantastic opportunities.


Educational conference – seminar

Conferences can be large society meetings, or smaller conferences, or targeted focus groups. It should gather the members of the same business or field. This type of conference can take a few days and have a measurable outcome. Mostly, the audience attends the seminar to listen to experts talking about particular topics and issues on the expert level.


Anniversary celebration

This type of conference is holding the continuity of meetups of shareholders, executives, members of organizations, or different kinds of attendees. Shareholders are allowed to address the board of directors on organizational progress. The organization (e.g., NGOs) is reporting on annual growth. Anniversary gatherings can also help charities to present their achievements and raise money for new projects.


There, of course, are many different types, and it depends on your preference how you want to frame your event.


4- Don’t organize your conference in the Middle East on your own


This point is crucial for the success of your event. It does not matter how big or small the event is, or how much experience you already have. Organizing an event is always challenging and never the same.


Getting assistance from professionals will also help you keep up with the newest trends and give you some fresh inspiration. Moreover, these professionals are on your side and will do their best to overtake many of your responsibilities so that you will have more time on flattering details.


The Premium Speakers Middle East

Working with the Speakers Bureau like the Premium Speakers Middle East will secure you the best speakers who will make your conference in the Middle East memorable.


Marketing and PR

You can also hire a Marketing Agency, which will help you with posters, propagational materials, invitations, social media communication, and much more. PR Agency will make sure to give your conference enough attention from the press.


Do not forget about logistics and accommodation. With Conference Hotels you can plan the best premises for your conference in the Middle East.


With professionals on your side, your conference will be unique, valuable, and will achieve its objectives.


5 – Find excellent keynote speakers who enhance your conference


Finding good speakers for your conference in the Middle East might be tricky. A good speaker not only supports the purpose of your conference and makes a talk related to the overall topic. A good speaker will make your event exciting, unique, and memorable.


Be sure to hire speakers who are not only experts in their fields, but also charismatic personalities who will deliver more than just the spoken words. If you would like to know more about how to get the best keynote speaker, contact us here.


6 – Know your budget


Decide in advance which expenses will cover your company and which by event sponsors. If there is anything, that might attendees have to pay for by themselves, be clear about these expenses.


Make an event planning checklist

This checklist will help you to identify all possible expenses for all operational areas of your conference. A good practice is to include a 10% contingency fund to cover any unexpected costs. Be sure to meet with the financial officer or those who approve your budget even before the first organizational steps. You will avoid later disputes.



Have fun with the planning and organizing of your conference in the Middle East. Our Speakers Bureau, The Premium Speakers Middle East are always pleased to assist you. Contact us here.