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Iskender Dirik: Artificial intelligence will resolve obstacles.


Which dilemmas could artificial intelligence solve? How can it be a job generator and what other technologies will be accessible soon? Iskender Dirik, a specialist in artificial intelligence, has clear answers for us.

This topic is not easy at all. For no one from us. After all, we are humans, and humans have these tiny delicate things called emotions. We also have to deal with our fears. We imagine horrifying scenarios in which we are substituted by machines that steal our work and our private lives. Scenes in which we are unemployed because the seemingly destructive “artificial intelligence” is completely taking us off the way.

AI speaker explains you, that Artificial Intelligence is already happening


However, let’s be realistic: aren’t we a little exaggerated? Fact is likely: The old artificial intelligence, abbreviated to “AI,” is already passing.

It surrounds us every minute of our days. It’s hidden behind the beautiful voices like Alexa or Siri that are already part of our lives. Also, the navigation systems talk to us, and we are delighted when they reveal us the right way, and we don’t get lost. We also love it when they learn, just like we all do. We are satisfied even if we don’t speak given foreign language well enough and a continually improving translation system assists us with business communication. Do you also rely on technology in such situations?

We have to accept that many elements in our daily situations would be very varied without artificial intelligence. Many things would be much less straightforward. In many ways, AI pays a significant contribution.


Iskedner Dirik – AI speaker


Iskender Dirik is CEO of Microsoft ScaleUp in Berlin, which is a global Microsoft program for innovative technology start-ups. He is also a Venture Partner of EQT Ventures, one of the most significant CR funds in Europe.

Iskender has established numerous start-ups, developed big data technologies and machine learning for big companies, and consulted DAX companies on online marketing. His specialty is currently the prominent topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He discovers how artificial intelligence will shift marketing and how companies can plan for the future. He has several topics that he would love to share with you. To read more about his topics, click here.


AI won’t take our jobs


He does not share the great concern that AI devours job positions so that in the end the machine will completely replace human work. On the contrary, his vision of the future with the AI is very pragmatic. As in the era of industrialization, there will be jobs that will disappear because machines can make them simpler, faster and more error-free.

This view also includes very manual and repeated marketing activities. “These are assembly line tasks that we have already intellectualized in the industry,” he says. The good thing we have seen in the past is that technological development has reduced the number of unemployed. Dirik is confident about the future: “There will be new jobs.” And that the newly formed job positions would be more refined than those that will be lost.


Creative jobs will be created


And to be honest, the actions that will be repeated are normally those that we don’t usually like to do. As a result, errors happen and we get frustrated.

Dirik concludes that jobs will come that are much more pleasant and offer the opportunity to work more creatively. Really? Yes, because something entirely non-technological, creative and storytelling will play an impressive part. Both would return as essential elements. “The closer we get to automation, the more critical creativity becomes: to stand out from the competition. Words of hope from someone whom you need to know! Learn more about Iskender Dirik – the AI speaker!

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