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Our Keynote Dirk Nowitzki slowly but surely become one of the most celebrated basketball players of all time. Also, the funny thing is that this lean boy, born in the small town of Würzburg, Germany, still looks like the ordinary boy living the next door. Perhaps this is his secret, besides his great desire to win by hard and honest work. Today, Dirk Nowitzki is undoubtedly a legend and one of the best players in basketball history.


Keynote Dirk Nowitzki’s end of the career


Since he has officially announced the end of his remarkable career as an active basketball player, there have been many articles about Dirk Nowitzki in the press lately. Many videos on youtube with millions of views show him waving goodbye after his last game. Other videos display the people who accompanied Dirk Nowitzki – teammates, team managers, coaches and his wife, Jessica Olsson- showing him their respect and saying goodbye. They all acknowledge that despite his fame and success on the court, Dirk remained a very realistic and modest guy who always treated others well. He never considered himself extraordinary.


Hard work


Well, yes, he is good at drowning balls in a basket, and so what? Others would probably die for his talent. However, Dirk talks openly, that what he accomplished took much work. His ability was not the only thing that helped him succeed; he understood this message when he arrived in the U.S. in 1998 and became a part of the team for which he was going to play for the next 21 seasons: “Dallas Mavericks.”


Proving himself


All I wanted to do was to improve myself,” states Dirk Nowitzki. He is sure that without discipline, he would never have gone so far. According to him, talent alone is not enough.


Dirk has revolutionized basketball. However, he never turned into a prominent figure; he remained just by himself. Particularly the start of his career in “Dallas Mavericks” was not smooth. “German Wunderkind” was supposed to show his performance; the pressure that put on him was enormous. Dirk Nowitzki preserved the state and even grew out of it. Although he felt a huge burden, he used the momentum to improve, not retreat.


Media & Press


The German newspaper “Die Süddeutsche” wrote a podcast about him and described his career:

“The 40-year-old Würzburger, who scored 31,560 points in the main round, is sixth in the eternal standings. Dirk was invited to join the prestigious All-Star team 14 times, won the 2011 title and was named the most valuable player in the final. Now, our Keynote Dirk Nowitzki remained true to Dallas Mavericks throughout his whole career. Even opponents’ fans admired him for his lifetime accomplishments. Despite all this passion and record, despite his high rank in this sport, he always remained kind and modest.


Idol Dirk Nowitzki


Dirk Nowitzki says: “Never assume that you already know everything or you can know everything. There is always something bigger and more significant. His fans adore him for so much courage and so much sympathy. He became an idol, a hero for children and teenagers who waited after each game to get Dirk’ signature. He bravely signed all autographs, smiling at everyone. He was, as Americans say, “always excellent.


Now Dirk Nowitzki is entering a new era of his life. He wants to affect others with his appeal and willpower. The conversation of one of the greatest sportsmen of all times seems to be a gift. After that, no one else will want to stick to the old standards any more.


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