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You want to write a successful Keynote Speaker Invitation by yourself and get a perfect speaker for your event? You have probably already googled some good looking examples of such invitations and are about to write one version of Keynote Speaker Invitation Email to several speakers.


Before doing this, please let me explain why it is not the best idea to write only one Keynote Speaker Invitation. Moreover, the Premium Speakers Middle East Bureau is here to help you gain the best speaker. Together, we make your event a memorable occasion!


1 – Know whom you are inviting


Organizing an event can be stressful. However, don’t let yourself fall in the trap. It sounds like the most effective solution to google several speakers who talk about the topic related to your event.

It might seem easy and fast at the beginning, but you will lose time on communication with each of the speakers and might realize that more than a half is not a proper fit nevertheless.


Write a list

The best way is to write a list of the speakers whom you want to invite. You should know at least some necessary information about each of the speakers already when writing the first email.

Your Keynote Speaker Invitation List should also include a tag, which speakers are the ‚most wanted‘, until the speakers who are ‚the least fit‘ yet still relevant. You can tag with one the most suitable speakers and with two or three the fewer priority speakers.

Now you can write a Keynote Speaker Invitation to the first group of speakers. Do not forget to make a small report, where you note down, whom and when you send this email.


Wait for the answers

In the upcoming days, you should receive several responses. If the answer is yes, congratulation. If the answer is no, do not forget to write back a short ‘Thank you’ email. This time, the speaker might be fully booked, but if you stay polite, you might get the opportunity to book the Keynote Speaker for the next time.

Do not forget about the speakers, who didn’t answer your email. It might happen that they overlooked your email, or forgot to reply. So note down to your calendar, to do a brief follow up seven days later.

After writing to the first priority group of speakers, you will see how many of them are or are not available for your event. Now you can check with the second and third priority group.

This way, you will be sure to start with the best fits and avoid a lot of spent time on planning, to email and the chaos in your Keynote Speakers Invitation Process.


2 – Do not write the same email to all speakers – customize it


When writing your Keynote Speaker Invitation, you might find it challenging to structure the email. The reason is that it is not easy and not even recommended to write one general email to all speakers.


Writing a customized email, you show your interest in his/her topics and your professionalism. You do not have to write a new email every time, but be sure to add a customized part fitting to every speaker.


The parts you should include in each email:

–        The Name of the event, place, date and time

–        The purpose and topic of the event

–        The Information on the Audience


The parts you might want to customize:

–        Why you think that the speaker would be a good fit for the event

–        How would your event benefit them – why they should prioritize your event

–        How much time would the event give for the speaker’s presentation

–        How the speaker can contact you in case of more questions


3 – Know about your speakers, you should have an idea about the topics


Writing a customized email might become a difficult task if you do not take time to get at least some necessary information about your speakers first. Before writing a Keynote Speaker Invitation, be sure to know at least this information about each of the speaker:


Information about speakers

–        Where the speaker is from, which languages he/she speaks?

–        Which expertize, topics is the speaker offering?

–        What is his theme about? Is it the right fit? Not all finance topic match, try to find out if the topic is relevant to your event, even when you are not an expert

–        What is the style of his talks (somewhat educational, funny, extravagant)?


One little advice: if you are not sure, if the speaker is a good fit, you can write a short informal email asking the speaker about his/her topics and presentations. After this, you will be sure to include every relevant keynote speaker on your list.


4 – Use a Speakers Bureau to get to a speaker

You might realize that Keynote Speaker Invitation might get tricky if you don’t have enough time or the right know how. Getting support from a Speakers Bureau will help you to use your budget effectively.


The Speakers Bureau knows the speakers

The Speakers Bureau does the whole Keynote Speaker Invitation process for you. What is the difference? Such agencies have the know-how and will find speakers that you might not even think about and who happens to be the best decision for your event.

It is because the Speakers Agencies know their speakers and know immediately who will fit into your conference. Moreover, their Keynote Speakers Invitations are better recognized by speakers, the answers come faster, and the whole communication process is between them. So you can take care of other crucial activities in your planning.


Get your help with the topics you are not expert at

Working with the Speakers Agency will also give you more confidence in your decisions. Do you need a speaker who is an expert on Industry 4.0 or is a contemporary artist? The Speakers Agency will help you to choose the best fitting speakers for your topics.

You can ask the Relationship Manager any question, and you will receive valuable answers. If you need assistance with the best choice, or some more suggestions or speakers, or even help with the budgeting, your Relationship Manager has your back.


Contact Premium Speakers Middle East

We, Premium Speakers Middle East, are agency, who will not only book the Keynote Speaker for you, we are keen on helping you to create a memorable event.


5 – Explain your event and your expectations



Whether you are working with the Speakers Bureau or filling the Keynote Speakers Invitations by your own, you need to describe your event, so that the speaker knows what to expect. Sometimes, when the speaker has several invitations at the same time, the best description wins.


The purpose of the event

For Speakers, it is crucial to understand what type of event you are organizing, what is its purpose, and what topics are going to be discussed there. This input gives him the first impression and also, s/he can adjust her/his presentation to the overall theme of your event. If you already know, give your speakers information on how many speakers will attend the event. If the speaker lacks the news, her/his performance might not fully fit in your event, which could have been improved just by adding a few more information.


Who is your audience

Do not forget about the audience. Speakers need to know; what type of audience will see the presentation. Is the audience experts or they are just interested in the topic? This will define the level of the expertise brought in. How many people will be there to see the audience? Is it also going to be recorded? – Do not surprise the speaker on the stage with unexpected situations.


Present your requirements

Do not wait too long to present your expectations. Those can be related to the topic, arrangements, or even budget. The sooner you communicate these aspects, the faster you move forward or get the possibility to find another speaker.

Do not forget that the speaker is not a separate part of your event. Be sure to integrate him/her in the process too.


6 – Let the speaker ask you questions and answer them soon and thoroughly


There is nothing more frustrating than difficult communication. If you write or arrange a Keynote Speaker Invitation, be sure to include a contact data, where the speaker can write or call in case of any questions.

It is also good to find enough time to answer the speaker’s question. Be thorough and make sure to answer all the questions asked.


Confusing information needs to be explained

If the speakers ask anything that was mentioned before, do not get annoyed and be so kind and repeat the information. If this happens more often, you might probably include such questions directly in your Keynote Speaker Invitation.


Explain everything

Do not rely on common sense or general knowledge, foremost when you book global speakers from another country. Each region has its own specific rules, so be sure that you and your speakers are on the same boat.

Good luck with your Keynote Speaker Invitation