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Neil Harbisson: a Cyborg artist

Neil Harbisson is an extraordinary artist. He has an antenna chirurgical implemented in his head and calls himself a cyborg artist. There are enough reasons to get acquainted with the British native and genre of "Cyborg."   What does a cyborg look like?  ...

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Iskender Dirik on Artificial Intelligence – AI speaker

Iskender Dirik: Artificial intelligence will resolve obstacles.   Which dilemmas could artificial intelligence solve? How can it be a job generator and what other technologies will be accessible soon? Iskender Dirik, a specialist in artificial intelligence, has...

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Anders Indset – Business is like Rock ‘n’ Roll

Anders Indset is using a Business Philosophy to talk about the world of tomorrow.   What would Aristotle, Nietzsche or Wittgenstein consider if he were in this position? Anders Indset wants to preserve the treasures of history - the conceptions of great thinkers...

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