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Meeting with Dominik Neidhart – Go Hard or Go Home!

Keynote Speaker Dominik Neidhart is a top athlete and three-time America’s Cup participant. He was a crew member of the winning Alinghi-Team.

Few people are aware of the extreme situations that can arise for a team crewing a high-tech racing yacht which is isolated on the high seas and exposed to severe weather conditions. There can hardly be a greater challenge in which success or failure depends so crucially on the capability, performance and mutual trust between every single crew member. Because one team member’s mistake can bring about the downfall of the entire endeavour and put the crew in great danger. This is why such teams have a strict division of roles paired with mental fortitude and stamina as well as physical and mental presence and empathy. Communication must be extremely quick and clear to enable everyone to perform their tasks immediately and without error.

Therefore, such a crew is an ideal-typical collective protagonist on which to studying the success or failure of demanding team-based projects. Dominik Neidhart analyses these processes in a descriptive and vivid manner, thus enabling the transfer of his experiences and insights into the economic sector and other organisations.

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