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Miha Pogacnik on Leadership.

Miha’s life has been marked by social innovations, including creation of over 200 intercultural festivals in crisis areas of the world, and in the course of last 20 years working with leadership of over 100 global brand companies, appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos and China, and European Economic Forum in Alpbach, Austria, as well as in different Agencies of the UN. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

How Miha Pogacnik supports organizations?
– Every year he conducts workshop at BOSCH General Management program,as part of the talent development strategy of the company;
– The finest engineering and the peak of human genius is needed to design and maintain aeroplanes safely up in the sky, and Miha was invited to conduct the key-note of the grand opening of Airbus University, whose aim is to nurture those talents;
– He conducted his Leadership Resonance Masterclass at Fiat Chrysler Group management meeting for two years in a row.
– Every year he adresses 70 Chinese CEOs at IESE Business School in Barcelona to demonstrate how musical strategy builds bridges between East and West
– He spoke about Innovation at world leading IT industry clients’ events: IBM BusinessConnect and Gartner Identity And Access Management Summit
– He was the main motivational speaker at the Novartis annual kick-off event with 1500 employees
– He spoke about Creativity at the Grand opening of Saudi National Creative Initiatives in front of VIPs and Royal Family members
– He performed three different Teambuilding workshops for UBS teams in Switzerland and Singapore
– He conducted the closing motivational key note at Win Conference in front of over 1000 women leaders from all over the world..

Miha Pogacnik: One of the world most innovative Leadership Experts brings you the Power of Arts & Music to level-up your meetings and events and co-create the next organisational Masterpiece!

Miha Pogacnik is the genius choice for a key-note speaker if your people have “seen it all”, you need to re-energize your corporation, you are looking for something new and innovative and aiming to the next level of executive learning. Book Miha Pogacnik for your next conference or team meeting. Call us on +971 50393 2083 or send a mail to