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Nataly Kogan – Happier Now: How to stop chasing Perfection & Embrace every Day Moments (Even the difficult ones)

Why is the pursuit of happiness so stressful and unfulfilling? Why do we believe that huge achievements trum small everyday moments that connect us with ourselves and those we love most? After years spent chasing “The Big Happy” of career, money and achievements, Nataly explores how the science and research behind happiness can be used to improve all aspects of our lives, showing audiences why we should stop saying “I’ll be happy when..:” and start saying “I’m happy now because…”. Nataly approaches happiness as a clearly defined practice rather than some spontaneous feeling, sharing with her audiences strategies, techniques and tools – along with a strong dose of necessary inspiration – to make them part of their own busy lives.

Nataly Kogan is an entrepreneur, speaker and author on a mission to help people cultivate their happier skills by making simple scientfically-backed practices part of their daily life. Her book “Happier Now” will be published in May 2018. Nataly emigrated to the USA as a refugee from the former Soviet Union when she was 13. Starting her journey in the projects outside Detroit, she reached the highest level of corporate success, including careers at McKinsey and Microsoft, and became a venture capitalist at the age of 26. But she found herfels unfulfilled and was inspired to learn how to live a truly fulfilling life. Her explorations of scientific research led her to create Happier. Since then, Happier’s award winning mobile app, online courses, and Happier At Work training programs have helped more than a million people to optimize their emotional health through researched-backed practices.

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