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Neil Harbisson is an extraordinary artist. He has an antenna chirurgical implemented in his head and calls himself a cyborg artist. There are enough reasons to get acquainted with the British native and genre of “Cyborg.”


What does a cyborg look like?


Many people wonder what a cyborg means and needed to see a cyborg to understand it fully. Cyborgs are creatures, who are not 100% human; they partially use a machine to enhance their perceptions. Of course, people get confused with this explanation. Does the cyborg mean something like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the terminator that actually lives among us?


Neil Harbisson, thank God, does not look like a robot. However, on the other hand, Arnold as Terminator didn’t look like one either. Well, at least in the beginning. The real cyborgs use their machines for their sensations and are very optimistic about the future of cyborgs.


His antenna is his organ


At first, you may assume that the antenna that comes out of Niels’ blonde hair will be a joke. In fact, he describes that groups of particularly drunk women liked to pull his implant. Someone from the audience asked if it hurts. His answer was surprising: “No,” he says. “It’s just very annoying.”


For him, the antenna coming right from his head is not a machine, but a part of him, his organ. “For me, it’s not an accessory; it’s a new sense organ.” The antenna enables him to perceive colors.


The capability of hearing colors


Neil Harbisson can hear colors. Considering himself a terrible singer, he can solely specify how colors sound: he hears red as the deepest tone, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and, with the highest tone, it is purple. This scale is a  simple scale from F to F defined not by sound but color.


Here’s how it goes: the antenna collects the light vibrations and transfers them to Neils’ head. He describes: “Each vibration causes a different type of transfer. Thanks to my new organ, I feel the colors on my skull bone. I can sense all colors from infrared to ultraviolet.


Connected to the International Space Station


Harbisson says he’s also able to use another type of implant. That implant has an internet connection, so he can get the colors that someone sends him, for example, even by smartphone. Neil Harbisson states he can also contact the International Space Station and feel the beautiful colors of space. In this point not only other artists become a bit jealous.


In fact, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are already wearing such implants in their heads to compensate for physical impairments such as hearing and vision disorders. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are also minimized with implants. Researchers have already produced artificial eyes, smart prostheses, and chips that can connect the brain of an individual to the Internet.


Artist in his own body with the new organ


Neil Harbisson considers himself as an artist composing art in his body. He says he hasn’t had an antenna implanted because of his congenital color blindness. He was quite interested and just desired to have a more sensory perception.

That, of course, appears to be a bit crazy solution. That’s why it’s worth talking to Neil Harbisson personally. Because the mainstream does not influence him, he has his own opinion of things. Moreover, he feels a sensual perception that we like non-cyborgs, cannot imagine without his thorough and exciting descriptions.

Neil Harbisson brings new approaches into the old way of thinking. Because with his adopted lifestyle he left behind the old rules.


His topics for an event

  • lifestyle, artificial intelligence, innovation, music, and art.