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Bertrand Piccard – The Life of a Pioneer. SolarImpulse – Flying around the Globe in a Solar Airplane.

Off to new adventures – again! This man simply is unstoppable. The German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” wrote about him once that there must be some kind of special gene in his family. Or why else would anyone risk his life to explore limits again and again?

Bertrand Piccard flew around the world in a hot air ballin, his grandfather explored the stratosphere and reached up to 16.940 meters in an air ballin – in 1932. His father broke the record in deep sea diving. The story about the genes could be somewhat be true.

Last year, Bertrand Piccard had a first go and tried the impossible: he intended to fly around the world in a solar powered airplane – without refueling once. That would have been almost 250.000 miles. Unfortunately, his plane “Solar Impulse”, developed by himself and his partner André Borschberg, didn’t make it to the end. The “Solar Impulse” is only powered from sun energy. After the eighth stage, the solar cells broke down, they had turned too hot on the longest lap from Abu Dhabi to Hawaii. The two adventurous guys had to give in.

In his speeches, the native Swiss from Lausanne talks about how to deal with a defeat. His tip: “When you try again, don’t repeat what you did before. Learn your lesson.” Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? However, there are many people who still fail. Why? Because most oft hem don’t even try it another time. They give up too soon because they are afraid to fail again.

Bertrand Piccard does not share this way of thinking at all. He follows the principle of “trial and error”. When you fail, get up again, analyse why you failed and do it again. He is aware that there are many people out there who don’t share his opinion at all. There are those sitting on the couch at at home comfortably. There are those shouting out loud immediately after a failure:” See, I knew it!” For them, this is the reason to not even bother to get up. His attitude is very different, for sure also due his family background.

Bertrand Piccard is an analytical thinking person who gets to the root of challenges and mistakes. As a full time job, he works as psychiatrist. Maybe this is one reason why he is able to deal with fear so well. Fear, he admits, would of course be an emotion he is familiar with. In his opinion, it is a question of handling it in a certain way. “There will always be moments of fear”, he says. “The secret is not to panic.”

On March 1st, he turned 60. But age doesn’t seem to matter to this man, he is physically and mentally fit in all means. Mid of March, he will try it a second time: 28.000 miles around the world in a solar plane. We wish him the most of luck for his mission!