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Sita Mazumder is an Expert for Artificial Intelligence & Digitalization.

The Swiss Internet newspaper Zentralplus dubbed Sita Mazumder “the Bridget Jones of economics.” She is lively by nature, says the daughter of an Asian father and a Swiss woman with French roots. But others could cut their teeth on her, especially in negotiations. She knows how to negotiate. Her childhood in Switzerland as an outsider due to her outward difference was tough at the time, but it taught her to walk her path upright, she says.

Sita Mazumder: Building bridges for a better understanding of digital transformation

Although one might assume that she single-mindedly climbed the career ladder in economics, that’s a fallacy. Sita Mazumder says with a grin, “I have many personalities.” So she’s as creative as she is analytical – and perhaps that’s why she’s so successful at what she does today as a top speaker.

She sees herself as a bridge builder who makes inherent connections understandable. When she talks about digital transformation, for example, she explains what lies behind it, what balls get rolling as a result, and what needs to be taken into account if a company wants to use digital transformation for its own benefit. What changes does it entail? Then it suddenly becomes tangible and somehow logical. Because, of course, digitization changes business models, innovation gets underway, and good change management is required. It’s no longer just about an abstract concept, but about the emotions and behaviors of people who find themselves in the midst of change.

Researching at the intersection of artificial intelligence and business and society

Sita Mazumder’s many years of experience as an IT economist and business expert help her to think in a networked way to achieve the best success in change processes that automatically arise from the introduction of innovations such as artificial intelligence and digitalization. For long enough, she has experienced first-hand how sustainably successful business models can work or not work in the digital world. She has a spirit of discovery, plenty of curiosity about what lies behind it, and continues to research the interfaces between artificial intelligence and business and society.

Putting more focus on the societal component

Again and again, she emphasizes how important it is to “also focus more on the societal component. “Digitalization creates new tools, like when you want to hammer a nail into the wall and you use a hammer to do it,” she says. “We should ask ourselves how and where we use digitalization.”

For all her professionalism and undeniable success, Sita Mazumder has remained delightfully honest and refreshing. She says of herself – the comparison to Bridget Jones is no coincidence – that she is “more like Bridget Jones, who also has days when she puts her foot in her mouth.

In her lectures, she talks about Cyber Crime, big data, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and robotics, as well as “The Business of Terror. In it, she sheds light on how al-Qaeda and co. finance themselves and what costs their deeds generate.

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