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Keynote Speaker Anders Indset

Anders Indset: "Our present executives demand a philosophy of the past combined with the futuristic scientific and technological expertise"

Anders Indset keynote speaker

Anders Indset - "Simplicity is the most complex thing in the 21st Century".

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Anders Indset is one of the most booked Business Philosopher in the World. Anders Indset is a Leader of Change and is speaking on Change Management, The World after tomorrow and The Future of Economy from the view of a business philosopher.

Anders Indset: “Simplicity is the most complicated thing nowadays.”

In his motivating keynotes, he touches on topics such as leadership, transformation, creativity, and collaboration, remembered for his original way of thinking, inspiring theses and rock stars perspective. Anders motivates, entertains, and trains leaders around the world and is also no novice in the media. Media titled him with different nicknames from “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Plato” to “Digital Jesus.”

In his keynote speeches, recognized for his unique insights, challenging opinions and viewpoints of rock stars, Anders Indset addresses topics such as leadership, change, and creativity.

Anders Indset and the New Leadership Culture

Anders Indset offers businesses a new and unconventional method for finding inventive solutions to the challenges of the rapidly changing digital era. Anders’ “New Leadership Culture” is a different theory based on efficiency and satisfaction that helps to cope with constant changes while keeping sustainable growth.

Anders can give listeners a complete picture of tomorrow’s trends. Moreover, his theories and opinions always promote the “human factor” one of the most critical success factors, making his performances not only encouraging but also human. In his global speeches and daily work with world-renowned specialists, Anders Indset critically assesses the future influence of knowledge and information societies on the world of business.

The steady pace of transformation
He explains how managers and leaders can realistically cope with the steady pace of transformation. Anders has a decade of consulting experience and can provide the public with an up-to-date picture of current and future business trends. Also, he has the essential knowledge in different industries and incorporates customized content for the audience during talks. He is one of the world’s best business masterminds. He is a distinguished speaker on Leadership, Transformation, Practical Philosophy, and Innovation.

Anders Indset & the Art of Thinking

Anders Indset is providing a new view of the “art of thinking.” By joining the philosophy of yesterday with tomorrow’s technology and science, he reveals how leaders can handle the 21st century. His ten postulates of transformation present a framework to deal with our fast-paced society.

One of the world’s leading management thinkers, Thinkers50, considered as ‘Oscars for Business Thinking,’ named Anders one of the 30 global thinkers who “most likely to determine the future management and leadership principles of organizations” published in Radar 2018. Anders Indset was listed ‘Global Thinker of the Month’ by Thinkers50 in July and August. In collaboration with 50 of the world’s greatest masterminds and Thinkers50, Anders lately started a massive campaign for a new book named ‘Philosophy@Work.’

He is the CEO and founder of Sa. | shaping work academy, which is the first management institution following practical philosophy. It conveys a fundamentally new method to corporate learning, by combining philosophy with the “best-of-breed” – best approaches in leadership, management, and accomplishment. He also is an occasional investor in tech-fields in Frankfurt am Main, a visiting teacher at prominent international business schools, a member of the Advisory Board of the German Tech Enterprises Center (GTEC) and a highly respected advisor to company executives and politicians around the world.

Anders Indset’s beliefs
Anders Indset viewers will leave his performance with a comprehensive and practical set of instruments, full of possibilities for tomorrow’s execution. Nevertheless, Anders does not force his viewers to look for a universal solution, but rather thoughtfully stimulates the views and mindset of his fans. His special technique and a mixture of visionary thoughts and accurate answers make his talks an inspiring, informative and meaningful event.

Anders Indset’s publications

Wild Knowledge
Anders’ most recent work, ‘WILD KNOWLEDGE – Outthink the Revolution,’ was issued in Europe in May 2017 and will be translated into several languages in the next year 2018.

His book “WILD KNOWLEDGE – Outthink the revolution” focuses on the complexity of knowledge and the scarcity of wisdom in society. As society continues to gather information faster than it accumulates wisdom, those who can detect, structure and use the possibilities of “wild knowledge” will succeed – the unlimited data, knowledge, and practice that emerge in our lives and consciousness.

Vicious Wisdom
In an ever-changing world, the future will be invented, and society must be able to decide which aspects of knowledge refer to the business and which apply to life as a whole. The attractive ‘Vicious Wisdom’ makes us ‘unlearn,’ to adopt an approach of unthinking, to deepen our perception, meaning or purpose. Also to find new and diverse solutions. Anders Indset’s famous phrase: “Simplicity is the hardest thing to reach today.’


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