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Keynote Speaker Ayesha Khanna

'...we are at the frontier of the Information Age and are now beginning the Hybrid Age, an era of human-machine interdependence.' (Ayesha Khanna for the Economic Times)

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Ayesha Khanna: Expert on Artificial Intelligence & Smart Cities, Entrepreneur and Bestseller Author

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Basic information about Ayesha Khanna


Ayesha Khanna is an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. She has been a strategic consultant to large companies and governments in the fields of artificial intelligence, smart cities, and technology.


Talking Topics – Ayesha Khanna’s areas of expertise are the following:


Aisha Hannah Talking topics:

– Artificial intelligence (AI)

– Current digital trends

– Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Fintech

– Smart technology and Smart Cities

– Future innovation


Ayesha Khanna’s career


2017 – present Co-Founder and CEO at ADDO AI

2018 – present Board Member at IMBA

2018 – present Advisor at Arro

2017 – present Advisor at Octa

2015 – 2016 CEO at The Keys Academy

2013 – 2016 Editorial Director, GE Look Ahead

2010 – 2014 Co-Founder and Director at Hybrid Reality Institute

2002 – 2010 Partner at Blueprint Group, New York

2006 – 2009 Senior Advisor at Fitzgerald Analytics, Inc.


Ayesha is co-founder and CEO of ADDO AI which is artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and incubator company. She is also a Director of the Media Development Authority (IMDA), a Singapore government agency that is improving its world-class technology sector to develop the country’s digital economy and strengthen its smart nation concept.


Ayesha Hannah founded 21C GIRLS. It is a charity that provides free programming and AI courses for girls in Singapore. Her other successful project is called Empower. It is an AI for the Singapore National Movement, which strives to educate all young people in the country about artificial intelligence.


Wall Street

Before founding ADDO AI, Ayesha worked on Wall Street for more than a decade, developing comprehensive business, risk management, and data analysis systems. Ayesha co-set the Hybrid Reality Institute, which is a research and consulting group founded up to analyze the socio-economic influence of accelerated technologies.


Advisory positions

She was head of the Future Cities Group at the London School of Economics and worked as a Faculty Advisor at Singularity University. Fintech Asia has recognized Ayesha as one of Singapore’s leading women entrepreneurs and one of Asia’s leading financial information influencers. She was also a member of the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on the matter of Future Skills and Applied Learning for Emerging Markets.


Ayesha Khanna is a consultant for startups Octa, which is a chatbot for young travelers, and also Arro – a robot for sports delivery).



Ayesha holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from Harvard University, a Master of Operations Research from Columbia University and obtained a Ph.D. in Information Systems and Innovation at the London School of Economics.


Ayesha Khanna’s awards & honors


In 2017,  Forbes magazine highlighted ADDO AI as one of the top four artificial intelligence firms in Asia. In 2018, Ayesha was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the top female entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. Its clients include SMRT, Singapore’s most extensive public transport company; Singtel, Singapore’s largest telecommunications company; SOMPO, Japan’s largest insurance company; Habib Bank, Pakistan’s most significant bank; and the government agency Smart Dubai, which aims to make Dubai a leading smart city.


Ayesha Khanna’s publications


In 2008 Ayesha wrote ‘Straight Through Processing’ and co-authored ‘Hybrid Reality: Prosperity in Emerging Human-Technological Civilization’ in 2012. Her work has been published and quoted in The New York Times, Newsweek, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, BusinessWeek, TIME, Strategy+Business and Foreign Policy on Technology, Innovation and Smart Cities. She gave talks on significant conferences in finance, technology, and other industrial sectors, held high-level briefings, chaired symposia and spoke at TEDx events as well.


Ayesha Khanna’s work appeared in publications such as


Significant publications recognized Ayesha for her work in the field of artificial intelligence. She was profiled in Neue Zürcher Zeitung in Switzerland, Focus Magazin (Germany), Létzebuerger Journal (Luxembourg), Computer Sweden (Sweden), Corriere Della Sera (Italy), Dagens Næringsliv (Norway), Information Age (Nordic Countries), The Peak St.



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