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Keynote Speaker Benedikt Böhm

Benedikt Böhm: Passion for performing.

Keynote Speaker Benedikt Boehm

Benedikt Böhm is an extreme mountaineer and Managing Director of the Dynafit brand - the world's leading manufacturer of ski touring and trail running equipment and apparel.

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Benedikt Böhm works as the international managing director of the cross-country skiing brand Dynafit. Since its evolution from bankruptcy in 2003, the brand has expanded into a world market leader.

Benedikt Böhm Speaking Topics:

Benedikt Böhm’s performances are full of powerful images and short video clips with rare photos of the world’s highest peaks. The attendees quickly realize that Böhm is not a crazy extremist athlete. In fact, he directs his expeditions and his firm responsibly because his progress resides on careful and accurate planning.

In his lectures, he explains questions like:
– How do I qualify for a daring goal, like climbing an 8,000-meter high mountain without additional oxygen in such a short interval?
How can I form an inner impulse to finish a seemingly unmanageable task?
How do I measure the associated risks? What part does speed; or also endurance and flexibility take in lessening the risk in projects of this magnitude?
How do you deal with extraordinary situations; what role does anxiety and determination play?
How do you overcome fear on the way to a great goal?
What is crucial on the way – and what is not, and can, therefore, be omitted?
Why does change mean “ease” for Böhm, not only in mountaineering but also in business life and even in the private sphere?
What do you need to break new ground and successfully shape change?
– H
ow do you rediscover your way back to your original way of thinking after great difficulties?

Benedikt is an excellent speaker willing to discuss individual customer wishes for his presentation.

Benedikt Böhm’s career
In Benedikt’s personal life, Benedikt Böhm is an extreme mountaineer and enjoys doing a global keynote speaker. In his inspiring lectures, he succeeds with refinement in connecting the world of extreme mountaineering with the so-called “death zone” with the business experience. Böhm is not a world-weary and hazardous adventurer. In a sport as well as in business he plans punctiliously ambitious objectives and works consistently and intensely on their implementation.

Benedikt Böhm studied both in the USA and in England, but what proved vital for his profession as a manager was his eagerness to cross borders in the mountains, to be an excited explorer.

Mountain skiing background
Böhm not only climbs 8,000 meters high hills without additional oxygen or outside help, but is also remarkably fast in the so-called “speed style.” With this determined and fast way of climbing the highest peaks, he concentrates on the clock to limit the danger of wasting too much time in the “death zone.”

Böhm advances quickly and easily, without many backpacks. He climbs directly from the foot of the mountain to the peak and then turning back on skis. This action happens within in advance self-specified time frame (e.g., 17 hours ascent and descent of Gasherbrum II and its 8,035 meters; 23.5 hours for Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world). This type of pace of ascent is a complete deviation from high-altitude mountaineering, where this kind of excursion usually lasts 3 to 5 days. It requires total precision and training to defeat such a monster in such a short interval. This includes an incredible training load and massive self-control. However, it also requires creativity in the learning of new techniques, the courage to rethink the set methods, and the will to act.

Benedikt Böhm’s beliefs

Team work
Böhm is not an individual mountaineer. He also illustrates the uniqueness of working with a team in the “death zone” and the tremendous pressure on himself and the management team. Böhm proves like no other that there is a powerful connection between the world of extremes and the business world.

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