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Keynote Speaker Christian Blümelhuber

Christian Blümelhuber in an expert in fields of Marketing & Branding Strategies


Christian Blümelhuber - will make you think. Be aware, his talks are always different. Be prepared to experience something new. He is the Marketing-Rockstar on Stage.

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Basic information about Christian Blümelhuber


Good marketing: about efficacy, sophistication, and morals.

Professor for Strategic Organizational Communication at the University of the Arts, Berlin


Talking Topics – Christian Blümelhuber‘s areas of expertise are the following:


Expert in Marketing, Branding, and Communication.


Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber’s career


2013 – current Professor for strategic organisational communication; Universität der Künste Berlin

2005 – current Professor; Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

2005 – 2013 Professor; Université Libre de Bruxelles
Interim Professor; Technische Universität München


Brands must intrigue, not only meet the expectations! That is the slogan of Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber. You could say something similar about the man himself and his talks. As an outstandingly original and innovative marketing specialist and speaker, he is very popular at corporate events. He takes his audience on a trip into the world of consumption and the future of marketing. His vivid and illustrative rhetoric style, practice-oriented examples and funky slides are a guarantee that the subjects of his lectures will leave a lasting impression on the participants.


Christian Blümelhuber is also an internationally acclaimed scientist. He has held the INBEV-BAILLET-LATOUR Chair of Euromarketing at the Free University of Brussels since 2007. Before this, he was Deputy Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. This Center is an international collaboration of world-renowned universities dealing with scientific and practical questions of brand management.


After studying business administration at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Marketing Institute appointed Christian Blümelhuber scientific assistant and associate. He was then promoted to Deputy Head of the Institute and headed the Brand Management and Service Management research units.


Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber’s beliefs


He travels the world and fights. Christian Blümelhuber is against boring brands, soft advertising, and meaningless strategies. The world-famous scientist always finds the right “antidote.” “Brands must charm, not meet expectations” is the message of a sympathetic marketing guru.

His unique, creative presentation slides have gained cult status and contributed to his reputation as a hippie professor.




Good marketing: about efficacy, style, and morals

Future management: You do not have a future; you have THREE.

Positioning: Live on the stage

Social (Media) – what else? Social Media, Facebook or Pinterest – Marketing in the present and the future

Marketing is pornography, or: you are the brand!

The SEA of LOVE: a 3×3 management that will bring emotions to the table.

Serial! The fundamental principle of modern contemporary.

Christian Blümelhuber also gives lectures on marketing and strategy, which he specially adapted to the individual needs of promoters and attendees.


Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber’s publications


  • Ausweitung der Konsumzone [Expansion of the consumption zone]
  • One strike and you’re out: Qualitative insights into the formation of consumers’ ethical company or brand perceptions
  • Seriell. Das Basisprinzip der modernen Moderne
  • Consumers’ transformations in a liquid society: introducing the concepts of autobiographical-concern and desire-assemblage
  • Extending the view of brand alliance effects: An integrative examination of the role of country of origin
  • Goodbye and good luck, Mr. Kotler

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