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Keynote Speaker Dietmar Dahmen

Dietmar Dahmen: Inspiration for People, Brands, User Experience

Dietmar Dahmen Experte für Digitalisierung

Dietmar Dahmen: Please, be aware - A Rockstar on Stage!

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Basic information about Dietmar Dahmen


Dietmar Dahmen – creative adviser, visionary, futurologist, inspirer, motivator, idea generator of brands, people and experiences.


Dietmar Dahmen’s career


2011 – present Owner of Dietmar Dahmen Enricher of people, brands, user experiences

2012 – present Chief Innovation Officer at An IBM company

2013 – present Co-owner Co-founder of Earthback

2011 – present Co-owner Co-founder of Architects of you

2010 – present Professional Speaker


Talking Topics – Dietmar Dahmen ‘s areas of expertise are the following:


His subjects
  • Disruption
  • Digital Transformation
  • Securing Future Success
  • Navigating Change
  • The Disruption-Compass


“Old ways do not lead to new goals,”

Dietmar Dahmen began as a strategic planner and later became a profoundly decorated creative. He was Creative Director at DDB, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director at BBDO and now operates as a creative consultant, focusing on current marketing and online trends and solutions.


“Don’t follow trends. Make them!”


Dietmar is also a co-owner of the Earthback eco-platform in Berlin, President of the Advisory Board of Mediahead in Zurich, a member of the Advisory Board of Summit NYC in New York and Chief Innovation Officer of, a full-service digital company.


“Rock on!”


“For over ten years, Dietmar taught modern communication at the Ludwigsburg Film Academy, Germany (16 times gold with his students at the Young Directors Award in Cannes, France), and today he teaches today’s brand success, innovation and digital transformation with the European Association of Communication Agencies:


“Good services are valuable. Better ones are sexy. However, the best change life: “


Around the globe, Dietmar is a recognized speaker at many conferences and the desired guest lecturer at many universities. Dietmar Dahmen is a member of the Creative Club, Austria and the Art Directors Club, Germany. He is further a member of the SAP Business Expert Circle and with Adobe.

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