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German Ramirez: The key is not digital transformation, it is human transformation.

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German Ramirez is a Digital Pioneer, Visionary & Storyteller & a born Storyteller.

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German Ramirez is a global leader in Social Media Selling and implementing Digital Strategies into Corporations.

Digital Pioneer, Visionary & Storyteller & a born storyteller.

German Ramirez’s passion, experience, insight and expertise shines through in everything he does. And no, he didn’t tell us to write that. For over 20 years, he has been a highly sought-after keynote speaker on topics including emerging technologies, marketing and branding, social media or personal branding. Learn more about German here, or better still why not contact German directly?

«A great speaker should inspire, engage, entertain, enlighten and enthuse their audience. Otherwise they are just making noise.»
German Ramirez

Speaking Topics German Ramirez

Technology & humanity: a love story in 13 acts.
Technology has stormed into our lives and changed us profoundly. This keynote identifies the latest technological trends and how they affect us and brings them across in one compelling and thought-provoking story flow.

The third and last digital revolution.
We are heading towards a world, a society and economy of completely empowered, emancipated individuals, connected in autonomous networks. The rise of the “homo economicus”. In this keynote, you will discover how we got here and what the key is to learn how to handle that power…

The future of work.
The way we work is changing. The role of work in our lives is changing. Our relationship towards a career is changing… We are in the midst of a profound transformation and companies will have to rapidly adapt to this new reality in the making. This keynote analyses the main four triggers for this transformation and looks into the current reality and -in contrast- what the required response is to succeed in light of this paradigm shift.

Personal branding: welcome to the supermarket of people.
Digital technologies are transforming our careers and our presence in the job market. Today, whether you have a job or not, you are a candidate. The future of employment does not lie in indefinite employment contracts. That model will die. It is therefore essential to define, establish, build and grow your personal Brand. In this keynote, you will gain and understanding of what at has changed in the way companies and employees relate to one other, how the future of work will look like and how to grow your chances of success by defining and building your personal brand in four steps: Establish, research, connect and engage.

The customer is no longer the king. The customer is now the president.
There is a new type of customer out there. Companies and brands need to accept it, understand it, and finally transform their go-to market strategies to succeed in gaining customers’ business and loyalty in the digital age. This keynote by German Ramirez shines a light into the true digital driven paradigm shift: WHY digital & social media are transforming our businesses and what the key digital trends driving transformation in marketing, branding and communication are. Ultimately, it provides a helpful guide to building brands in the digital age, what companies and brands have to do to be successful today and how to develop a winning digital and social media strategy.

Making emerging technologies relevant.
We are in ever accelerating cycles of technological advancement. However, new disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, FinTech or AI, are failing to reach mass adoption in the market. The challenge: there is a lot of talk about how technology works and what it can do, but far too little focus into “WHY” anyone should care. This keynote provides the key thought model to building a relevant presence in the market and gives concrete and actionable advice into how to build a successful brand and business around disruptive technologies.

To get on board with digital, you need digital in your Board!
Digital transformation at a holistic strategic level. The future of successful organizations comes from understanding how the digital revolution is affecting the business and how to adapt the full organization to embrace the change. Digital transformation should be one of the highest strategic topics on every Board’s agenda. It is not about being customer-centric; it is about becoming customer driven.

German Ramirez – The man behind the beard

Despite having absolutely no medical training, German was there at the birth of the digital revolution. As a bona fide pioneer in the digital, social media and blockchain spaces, his credentials are second to none.

“The key is not digital transformation, it is human transformation.”

German Ramirez has been dealing with digital technologies since before Google was founded. Having brought innovation at major corporations as well as startups, in 2012, he took off with SPARK & STRATEGY, providing digital and social media consulting and coaching to major Swiss and European brands including Credit Suisse, Swiss Life and BMW.

With a relentless curiosity and drive towards emerging technologies, way back in 2013, German Ramirez founded one of the first blockchain start-ups in Switzerland, SwissMine Ltd, to build and deploy automated teller machines for cryptocurrencies. It’s first prototype now sits in the Museum of Money in Zurich, which German Ramirez insists is a good thing. Everyone else stays quiet about it. They say you can´t keep a good man down, and, as a serial entrepreneur, in 2018, he bounced back and co-founded THE RELEVANCE HOUSE, a full-service marketing agency for firms in the blockchain and emerging technology sectors.

German Ramirez is also a board member of several companies/organizations developing Artificial Intelligence and blockchain solutions, including Mindfire Global, Multigence and Madana. And he is a trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs and executives eager to harness the power of marketing in a digital world and build highly successful brands and businesses.

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