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Keynote Speaker Gerriet Danz

Gerriet Danz: Innovation & Creativity Expert and bestselling author


Gerriet Danz: Gerriet Danz explains, what really matters. Expedition Innovation - Gerriet breaks rules and help you to grow courage.

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Basic information about Gerriet Danz


Gerriet Danz – First Inspiration – Gerriet Danz –  First Inspiration – Then Innovation. “It’s hailing ideas …”Then Innovation. “It calls for ideas…”


Talking Topics –  Gerriet Danz’s areas of expertise are the following:


– Expedition Innovation! Being in Silicon Valley – success principles from rule breakers

– Utopia brings sales – Think of the impossible to achieve the possible – Happiness of failure – Why mistakes drive innovations

– Rock Your Innovation – What businesses can learn from rock stars

– Death on the throne – Success makes tired and prevents progress

– Become the King of New Land- Adorn your business with new ideas


Gerriet Danz ‘s  career


2010 – present Autor, Speaker – Gerriet Danz Innovation Expert & Speaker; Hamburg

1997 – present Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Autor – praesentarium


For more than two decades, former BBDO creative director Gerriet Danz has been one of the most desired experts for progress and creativity. The keynotes by Gerriet, passionate lateral thinker, founder of many start-ups and bestselling author, are full of inspiration, surprise and a great mixture of expert knowledge based on his wealth of experience:


Start of his career

He started his career as Creative Director at the international advertising agency BBDO, where he supported global players in the development of innovative concepts and approaches. In 1995 Stefan Aust, editor-in-chief of “Spiegel,” one of the leading German news magazines, tracked him down for television, where he developed new TV formats and moderated the news magazine “VOX News” of the private TV channel VOX.


After two years as programme director of NDR, Gerriert moderated 220 episodes of the US game show “JEOPARDY.”


Own company

After this, he then founded his own company “praesentarium” and now supports employees and executives in confiding, inspiring and original presentations. In his own motivating and entertaining way, he guides companies on how to overcome creative blocks and create an open, innovative environment of creativity and innovation:


“The most direct form of corporate communication remains presentation.” (Gerriet Danz)


Gerriet Danz teaches at Steinbeis University in Berlin and is an advisor to the European Patent Office (EPO) in The Hague and a member of the German Speakers Association. He is also a winner of the CONGA Awards category “Speaker & Trainer” and blogged for the Hamburger Abendblatt as an “Innovation Reporter” from Silicon Valley.


Gerriet Danz ‘s talks


Innovation and creativity have been the focus of Gerriet Danz for decades, as an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and consultant. With his keynotes, the motivational speaker creates excitement at events of all kinds: whether congresses, conferences or kick-offs. His speeches are stimulating and inspiring in the context of Roadshows as well as on congresses, sales discussions, and management meetings.


The result is motivation and proper stimulation for your enterprise – in management, guidance, inspiration, purchase, selling and marketing. Gerriet Danz has given the following keynotes in recent years as an expert, speaker, speaker, and consultant.




CONGA AWARD Kategorie “Referenten und Trainer”


Gerriet Danz ‘s publications


Kreative Rhetorik: Sales-up-Call with Gerriet Danz und Stephan Heinrich (German Edition)


‘Anyone can read PowerPoint slides. But to create a presentation that your audience will remember for years to come is an art. In this sales-up call, you can find out what you can do to significantly advance your sales success with creative rhetoric.’

Latest publications by Gerriet Danz


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