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Keynote Speaker Ian Khan

“As revolutionary as it sounds, Blockchain truly is a mechanism to bring everyone to the highest degree of accountability. [...]”

Ian Khan is a Futurist

Ian Khan is creator of "Blockchain City," a documentary that illustrates the growth of Blockchain technology in the world. 3 times TEDx Speaker, Author of “7 Axioms of Value Creation”, Forbes Contributor and an amazing Keynote Speaker.

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Ian Khan is a strong supporter of “Accepting Our Greatness.” His discussions are engaging, insightful and encouraging. CNN presented on technology, TEDx speaker for three times, collaborator with Forbes, author of “7 Axioms of Value Creation”, Ian Khan is a leader of change and passionate technology futurist.

As a writer and leadership trainer, Ian travels around the world and teaches his 7 Axioms of Value Creation methodology through live master classes, online courses and ongoing professional growth courses for professionals, associations, and organizations of all sizes and industries.

Ian Khan & Blockchain City

Ian Khan is also the owner, director and creator of “Blockchain City,” a forthcoming documentary that illustrates the growth of Blockchain technology in cities around the world.

Since more than 20 years, Ian Khan has had the opportunity of serving the needs of hundreds of organizations by supporting their extension with technology solutions. He has assisted a wide range of companies such as technology companies, oil companies, power generation, and renewable energy operators, Microsoft Ecosystem partners, SAP customers and partners, healthcare businesses, manufacturers, facility managers, start-ups, training institutions, NGOs, and others.

The central philosophy of Ian Khan

Ian’s experience has directed him to a unique condition of being qualified to recognize common growth challenges for all these organizations. Ultimately, as he discovered, we are all thirsty for success, and we all want to improve and make a difference. What we lack is a perception of our environment and an inability to take appropriate action in that environment.

Ongoing work

Today, we live in a fantastic era for humanity. Technology is a fabulous thing, but it also has its sacrifices. Many of tomorrow’s organizations will collapse under the pressure of a rapidly changing world, many of which leads and guides the technology. Ian’s purpose is to help businesses avoid this trap and push themselves to success in the current age. They should start moving to a digital transformation most actively and sustainably. It is the only way, in his view, to create immense value together, to create solutions that we face locally and from others globally, and to make the world a peaceful place.

Ian Khan & Industry 4.0.

Ian Khan’s job is to work with people by giving them talks, advising them, and promoting his 7 Axiom methodology through his books and workshops. He also runs an ambitious project for the release of a documentary named Industry 4.0. It will depict the thoughts and ideas of some of the world’s greatest thinkers and get us to understand the fourth industrial revolution, its meaning and how we can all have the chance to become part of the emerging future and make the beneficial choices.

After 20 years of meeting the needs of the industry, Ian’s original goal was to meet his duty and help organizations at a more general level, understand what tomorrow will bring. His work and the investigation of all these businesses have brought him unique viewpoints that he now shares through his work.

Ian Khan talks about new technology trends like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and also Mixed Reality (MR). He is also an expert on Financial Technology and Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain, specifically Bitcoins, and Etherium, computer technology (C) and clouds.

The Internet of Things and its vital function for the Industry
Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly shaping the Industry and turning us into the fourth industrial revolution. Gain a deep understanding of how IoT systems influence specific industries, their performance, and development. Discover various sub-categories of IoT devices, including wearables, IoT mechanical devices, medical IoT devices, connected cars, and more.

This talk is suitable for businesses that need a precise and realistic path to understand the threats, opportunities, and trends of IoT for their Industry.

7 Axiomatic value creation in the age of digital disruption
7 Axiomatic methodology and the coordinate system will prepare you for success in the modern age of technological breakthrough. From the writer’s book, discover the seven fundamental axioms of value creation and how your company can develop a truly innovative and successful business.

Learn about the seven fundamental axioms of value creation and how they can be applied to deliver positive change. Very suitable for an audience that has a high level of productivity and wants an additional shot of a new mindset that can lead to a huge cultural shift.

The smart city revolution – how technology transforms everything.
Technology is entering all areas of our lives. The concept of “smart cities” changes the way we communicate and use our everyday environment. From our homes, cars, and companies, every perspective of our surroundings will inevitably change with the explosion of technology and innovation. Inspire yourself from smart cities like Barcelona and Amsterdam, cities that want to be the first in everything, like Dubai in the Middle East. Discover what intellectual infrastructure is and how to move towards it.

Blockchain and Bitcoin revolution – risks, challenges, and economics of cryptocurrencies.
Shared ledger technologies, such as Blockchain, have altered the very basis of transactions. No longer considered a revolutionary technology, but the essential technology – Blockchain – will be one of the most intelligent technologies of our time.

Using a very sophisticated method of saving information and securing transactions, Blockchain is revolutionizing the face of banking and financial transactions. Other industries in need of management and privacy see Blockchain as a lifesaver and a way of ensuring confidentiality and accountability. In this meeting, you will learn why Blockchain has such a huge impact and how it will shift the nature of each transaction. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies offer a possible solution.

Moving from disruption to value creation: how the businesses come to success
Find out why the transition from disruption to value creation can alter the future of your business. Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world follow a quality code. Of all these businesses, the system is comparable and includes seven key areas that they all accept, which contributes to their tremendous success. Discover the seven axioms of ultimate triumph and the way you can become a leader in what you do without crashing anything, but becoming an organization that brings added value.

The seven axioms concerns all aspects of the business: sales, marketing, operations, and leadership, to form an organization ready to develop from its inside.

IoT, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the future of humanity – creating the trifecta of technological value
Discover about three transformational technologies that will change 99.9% of what and how we do it. The Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence build a technological trifecta that gradually leads to the discovery of a vast figure of values. These three technologies are advanced and will produce positive results in the time of the fourth industrial revolution. Learn more about trifecta technology and implement knowledge to your business.

Crypto wars – Bitcoins, Ethereum, and a new money model.
Discover what cryptocurrencies are capable of, what impacts the market dynamics of these currencies and how we can profit from this time of rapid change.

As an entrepreneur, Ian Khan will also gladly give a talk on:
Leadership, sales, marketing, digital transformation, C-services management, manufacturing, and digital transformation. He is also the producer and guest of the next documentary, The City of Blockchain.

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