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"Technological disruption is the end of any excuse not to improve oneself."

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Isabel Aguilera is one of the top 50 most influential executives in the world by Fortune Magazine.

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Isabelle Aguilera is mastering change management and global leadership.

Isabel Aguilera’s career
Not many Spanish women have the opportunity to be a part of the 50 most influential executives worldwide, according to Fortune magazine. However, Isabelle Aguilera is one of them. She is also recognized by the Financial Times as one of the top 25 executives in Europe and was named one of the 100 most influential personalities in Spain by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo in 2006. That is why she is one of the most professionally distinguished women in the world. Moreover, Isabelle is also president of the Social Council of the University of Seville.

Her excellent work at Dell
In 2001, the Wall Street Journal, one of the world’s leading financial newspapers, ranked her among the 30 most influential businesswomen in Europe for her position in the leading IT company Dell at the top of the market, becoming the most quoted company in its sector thanks to the excellent results achieved in Spain.

Isabel Aguilera: “Technological disruption is the end of any excuse not to improve oneself.”

NH Hotels
As CEO of NH Hotels, Isabelle Aguilera took care of every detail in 237 hotels and 34,000 rooms owned by the company in 18 countries in the years 2002 until 2005. In record time, following the acquisition of Mexican, Dutch, and German hotel companies, she performed the integration of all operating models into the single operating model of NH. Isabelle created and implemented a savings plan, which saved 38 million euros by the end of 2004 thanks to the synergies achieved through the integration. This amount significantly exceeded the initial target.

General Manager and Director of Dell Spain
Before she joined NH Hotels, Isabelle Aguilera was the General Manager and Director of Dell’s business unit in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Under her skillful leadership, Dell strengthened its position in the European market and jumped from 9th to 1st place in the Spanish market. Isabelle Aguilera has also held leading positions in sales and marketing at Olivetti PC, Airtel Movil (Vodafone) and Hewlett-Packard.

CEO of Google Iberias
She combined his position as CEO of Google Iberia with his business as an independent consultant in 2006. Before 2009, Aguilera was also President of General Electric in Spain and Portugal.

Today, she has 20 years of rich experience in marketing and operations and is Chairman of Twindocs, a member of the board of Indra, one of Spain’s leading IT companies and a member of the Laureate Education Inc (NASDAQ) compensation management committee.

This energetic individual entrepreneur graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and also proudly holds an MBA from the IE and PDG (General Management Programme) Business School of IESE.

Topics – Power, finally, to the customer
We all form part of the digital society, we are always somehow all connected, we have become the first digital generation. A generation of well-informed customers, influential and active, who have transformed the economy into what I call a Smart Economy, or in other words, an economy that is finally focusing on customers. Just as we used to say it was, although it was rarely true.

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