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Keynote Speaker Iskender Dirik

Iskender Dirik: Chairman of Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin, Venture Capitalist & Technology Specialist


Iskender Dirik - German serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in digital and tech industry

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Basic information about


Iskender is a master in technology, startup and venture capital. He states visions about the impact of AI on our future trade and private life.


Talking Topics – Iskender Dirik ’s areas of expertise are the following:


Iskender Dirik’s speaking topics:

– Artificial Intelligence

– Corporate Venture Capital

– Startups

– Digital Transformation

– Presentation Skills


1. “The Future of IA-Driven Marketing”

– What are the pains of (online) marketing nowadays?

– How will AI shape the marketing of the future?

– An inspirational trip to the day of the life of a marketer in ten years.

– Examples of amazing AI solutions that already exist and others that will be invented in ten years.

– Which abilities should the marketer of the future possess?

– The format is also applicable to nearby areas like „The Future of AI-Driven Sales.”


2. “How IA will change our daily lives.”

– How it will influence our daily experiences

– An inspiring and visionary adventure into the daily life of a regular human being in fifteen years

– Topics covered (excerpt):

Autonomous driving, sound assistants, humanoids, online and offline purchasing, food, TV consumption, advertising, virtual reality. Read more here.


3. COUP – “Commandments of Outstanding Presentations.”

– Framework for excellent and magnificent performances for all potential cases of use such as sales discussions, business and start-up debates, internal corporation presentations, workshops, etc.

-. Content: Storytelling, script construction, slide composition, body language, audience participation, boosting learning effects

– Variable setup of a 15-minute master talk to a half-day workshop

– See also:


4. “Corporate Venture Capital: Microsoft’s competitive Advantages, Pitfalls, and Best Methods.”

– Advantages of corporate investment capital and different start-ups (e.g., acceleration records) for the core business of corporations, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and start-ups.

– Traps – what most of the companies seem to do wrong

– How Microsoft works with start-ups to grow its core business to become the market leader in the cloud (b2b) including the artificial intelligence market.


5. “What corporations could learn from fresh businesses,” mainly from the following aspects:

– How to set the Culture

– Human Resources Strategy

– Business Development Strategies

– Product Development Practices


6. “The Digital & AI Transformation Layers”

– The various layers of digital change and transformation into a company driven by Artificial Intelligence

– Do’s and Dont’s.

– Models from Microsoft


Iskender Dirik’s career


2017 – present MD/ CEO Microsoft ScaleUp, Continental Europe, Cloud and AI Platform team at Microsoft, Germany

2017 – present Venture Partner at EQT Ventures, Germany

2018 – present Investor at Wandelbots

2017 – present Founder of alphalist, Germany

2016- present Founder of COUP Movement, Germany

2000 – present Managing Partner at INFINITE DISRUPTION GmbH, Germany

2018 – present Member – Spokesman for ‘Cooperation with Established Industry’ at Deutscher KI-Verband e.V.

2015 – 2017 Managing Director at Bauer Venture Partners GmbH

2015- 2017 Portfolio Company (acquired by The Whirlpool Corporation), San Francisco

2015 – 2017 Board Member / Portfolio Company at navabi GmbH

2015 – 2017 Board Member / Portfolio Company (acquired bei Hoffmann SE) at Contorion

2015 – 2017 Portfolio Company at Lifesum, Sweden

2013 – 2014 Member of Management Board (acquired by Hubert Burda Media) at C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH

And others…


Serial Entrepreneur

Iskender Dirik is a German serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and technology expert with 20 years of experience in the digital world and is currently Managing Director of Microsoft ScaleUp in Berlin. Microsoft ScaleUp is Microsoft’s most exclusive startup program worldwide. At Microsoft ScaleUp, Iskender focuses on IA and new technologies in continental Europe. Microsoft ScaleUp is an innovative and award-winning concept and the world’s leading corporate accelerator. Iskender is also a Venture Partner of EQT Ventures, one of the most substantial Venture Capital funds in Europe.


Bauer Venture Partners

Before that, Iskender directed a 100 million euro corporate venture capital fund at Bauer Venture Partners. Bauer Venture Partners was the corporate arm of Bauer Media, Europe’s preeminent magazine plus radio broadcasting house.



Before that, Iskender worked for six years as CEO at COPE, a technology consulting and SW development boutique acquired by C3 Creative Code and Content, a leading European content marketing agency. Iskender discussed with customers such as Axel Springer, Bertelsmann, Otto, Deutsche Telekom, Porsche or Volkswagen on their digital strategy, technology and software improvement. He established his first company at the age of 21 and next built and left a couple of technology startups.


Artificial Intelligence

He is a member of the German AI Association and spokesman for the association of AI startups with traditional industry. He is a further founder of alphalist, a network of the most powerful influencers of the technology niche.


Iskender Dirik’s believes


Iskender is a master in technology, startup and venture capital. Currently, he dedicates his time principally to startups and technologies around Artificial Intelligence. He states visions about the impact of AI on our future trade and private life. In addition to his passion for advanced technology, Iskender is also known for being an enthusiast of design and a creative spirit.


Iskender Dirik ’s publications


He is a frequent contributor and content writer and is recognized for publishing articles on intellectual leadership around IA, technology, new ventures, venture capital, influence talks, and leadership beliefs. He has written several white papers including A Manual for Corporate Venture Capital, The Simple Guide to Deep Learning, A Striking Explanation of VC Mechanics and The Digital Transformation and AI Transformation Pyramids,

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