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Keynote Speaker Johannes Schweifer

Johannes Schweifer - Scientist, Entrepreneur, Speaker - Blockchain Technology

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Johannes Schweifer - Blockchain Entrepreneur

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Basic information about


Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain


Talking Topics – Johannes Schweifer’s areas of expertise are the following:



  • 5 minutes explanation of the blockchain:


  • David vs. Goliath:


A startup persists against an atmosphere of prejudice and doubts towards modern technology.


  • The capacity of blockchain technology:


What is probable, what has already been achieved, what is currently in development and what can we foresee in the future?


  • Visions:


How can blockchain-technology be applied for a new pattern of democracy and a just form of taxation?


What the audience gets:


Blockchain-technology is not complicated but also groundbreaking, quite like the invention of the wheel. It gives us new opportunities and a degree of liberty, which was inexperienced before. The talk describes colorfully, which technical objections correctly are tackled by the blockchain. He reveals why the solution runs so smoothly. Moreover, his speech illustrates why the disclosure is desired but feared at the same time.


Johannes Schweifer’s career


2017 – present Co-founder and CEO at CoreLedger Labs, Baar (Switzerland), Schaan (Lichtenstein)


2016 – present Partner at Blocklogix Gmbh, Baar (Switzerland)


2013 – present Partner at Bitcoin Suisse AG, Zug (Switzerland)


2015 – 2017 Managing Director at Heglt GmbH


2007 – 2015 Consultant at ec4u expert consulting


Johannes Schweifer was born in 1977 in Austria. He attended a Catholic boarding house in his middle-school years. He aspired to become a priest. Nonetheless, he decided for another career and in 1995 started to study chemical engineering at the Technical University in Vienna – Austria. In 2007 He graduated with a Ph.D. in the field of Theoretical Chemistry.


Start of his career

Exploring further challenges, he began a career in IT and worked as a consultant for a German company. In this position, he was traveling a lot through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Six years later and after many many flight miles, he was raised to managing adviser and was a leader of two teams. One of them was in Germany and the second one in Switzerland.


Johannes Schweifer as an entrepreneur

The enormous potential of the future blockchain-technology excited him. After a few years – in 2013 he founded the first Bitcoin trading company of Switzerland. He built the company together with his former colleague. The business was thriving and succeeded, even facing a sharp headwind from banks and other financial institutions. Establishing such an undertaking was even harder because of the uncertain regulations of the early years.


Other companies

He founded his next startup called BlockLogix in 2016.  The company’s core business is the integration of blockchain-technology and the spreading of KnowHow. Soon several more his projects will grow in the adjacent countries – Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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