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Keynote Speaker John Bercow

John Bercow: I never aspired to be Speaker simply so I could say, "I am the Speaker of the House of Commons" and tell my children that.

John Bercow Speaker of the House of Parliament London

John Bercow was the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons and the first since World War II to put four Prime Ministers back in order.

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John Bercow was the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons. Plus, he was the first Speaker since World War II to keep order in front of four Prime Ministers. John Bercow was very effective in strengthening the back seats. He was elected Member of Parliament for three times. He also built a name as a reformer – he required ministers to deliver 685 statements on urgent issues.

John Bercow’s service

John came to Parliament in 1997 as a Conservative Member of Parliament in Buckingham. Firstly, he was appointed Head of Treasury and then Minister of Labour and Pensions. However, he resigned to help the Labour Government’s policy of allowing homosexual and heterosexual unmarried couples to adopt children. Ed Balls later asked him to conduct a study on children and families with language and communication difficulties, which resulted in millions of extra funds.

After resigning from Westminster, John shares with us his vision of the future of our policies and experiences in promoting change. John succeeded President Martin with a purpose to “strengthen the backbenchers and acknowledge that Parliament is more than just an officer serving the government. John Bercow was re-elected three times. In a stream of honors, as he left, even critics acknowledged that he had kept his original promise.

Spokesman John Bercow has built a character as a reformer. He further increased the use of “urgent questions,” in which ministers had to make 685 statements on critical matters, prolonged the time allotted to PMQs, and substituted the shooting range with a nursery. John Bercow introduced Barack Obama to both chambers of Parliament but declined a request to Donald Trump because of racism and sexism. John Bercow also stood as the first Speaker to support the British Youth Parliament to debate in the Commonwealth Chamber and led the event for ten years.

In September 2019, Bercow announced that he would retire as Commons Speaker and MP on the 31st of October. Nevertheless, he remained spokesman until his appointment as Northstead Manor on 4 November 2019. After ten years of service as spokesman, John Bercow became the longest-serving spokesman, since Edward FitzRoy was in office for almost 15 years between 1928 and 1943.

Having stepped down from Westminster, John shares his vision for the future of British and international politics and the experience he has gained in achieving transformation.

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He is also an experienced storyteller who tells countless stories from behind the scene. John Bercow lives in London and loves football (Arsenal) and tennis. He was once the best young British player, but he was thought too short to become a pro.Talking Topics – John Bercow’s areas of expertise are the following:

John Bercow talks about leadership, Brexit, future of politics and current issues:
– The future of Europe without Britain
– The future of politics
– Ethics and Corporate Governance
– The Brexit drama

Publications about John Bercow

  1. John Bercow: Call To Order, author: Sebastian Whale
  2. Unspeakable: The Autobiography, author: John Bercow
  3. How to be an MP, author: Paul Flynn (Paul Flynn; Foreword by Speaker John Bercow)

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