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Keynote Speaker Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes: Self-Made-Entrepreneur, Branding & Marketing expert


Johnny Cupcakes - Is an entrepreneur - building a popular brand for T-Shirts.

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Johnny Cupcakes – Specialist in Branding and Marketing – How to form a global brand?


Talking Topics -JOHNNY CUPCAKES ‘s areas of expertise are the following:


Millennial commitment – Contemporary leadership

talk about word of mouth as the holy grail of brand expansion, but countless companies forget word of mouth generated internally and by their team over thousands of years. No one understands the mindset of the millennial workforce better than Johnny Cupcakes. In this dynamic presentation, he will inspire leaders to create a culture of brand obsessions, team members who scream about corporate values and engage at a deep level with the brand, leading to loyal teams and knocked over customers.


  1. Focus Pocus – when the stakes are high, how do we keep our teams motivated and driven?
  2. Happiness hypotheses – get your team to fall in love with what it does
  3. Supportive leadership – how do we create a culture where failures are valued
  4. Brand alignment – simple tools to embody the brand in and out of the workplace


Kick starters – empowering entrepreneurs

So many ideas, so little money! Some of the most prominent business successes were the product of dollar coffees and a loving parent garage – including Johnny Cupcakes. So if you have the drive, this talk will show you how to get behind the wheel. With great conviction and passion, Johnny will speak prospective entrepreneurs through the lessons he learned on his journey to world domination – and equip them with easy-to-use strategies to make their dreams come true.:


Key takeaways are:
  1. Definition of your brand – creating a product people can believe in
  2. Money talks – how to generate money to get up and walk
  3. Rise again – how to fail with style and get up for more
  4. Focusing – Simple tricks to keep your head in the game


Build and be your own brand – The ultimate branding toolbox

If you were a product, in which box would you come? If you were a company, what uniform would your employees wear? In a world where millionaires are made on blogs, and a website review can break a billion dollar business, what do you do as a person in the industry to grow your brand? Nobody knows the power of a brand better than Johnny Earle, and in this exciting presentation he talks to employees, CEOs and business owners about how they can build a world-class reputation that can’t be overlooked.:


Key takeaways are:
  1. Brilliant packages – simple tricks that can make you or your team stand out
  2. Disruptive marketing – ways to generate a buzz that people share
  3. First up – how to get a “great” first impression and make it memorable
  4. Cutting through – the message to make sure you’re remembered


Viral Business – Inspiring Customer Loyalty

With every new publication, the hysteria surrounding the Johnny Cupcakes brand proceeds to conquer the world. The response comes from 10 block queues as eager fans wait for the store to open for cupcake tattoos, yes, permanent. In this impressive presentation, Johnny will teach you on how you can also create a stream of loyalty and obsession for your products, your company and your teams through the power of Social Media & Experiential Branding.


Some of the most important takeaways are:
  1. Benefit from Cut Through – How to persist in a saturated market
  2. Your personal brand – How everything counts about your first impression
  3. Experienced drivers – Create employee, team and consumer experiences that people scream for
  4.  Effective innovation – Take existing genius and build on it!



2001 – present CEO at Johnny Cupcakes; Greater Boston Area



How do you turn a T-shirt brand sold from the old car into a global multi-million dollar corporation? Named America’s No. 1 Young Entrepreneur by BUSINESS WEEK, NYTimes, NPR, MTV, Forbes, Newsweek Magazine and the Boston Globe, and recognized by INC Magazine as one of the fastest expanding independent firms in the world – there is just one man who knows the response to that question – Johnny Earle, the founder of Johnny Cupcakes.


– 19 Johnny had a passion for his unique t-shirt business to become global, so in a saturated marketplace, he needed a different recipe that would become viral! After five world store openings, he inspires fans to camp weeks in advance, and high-profile collaborations like The Simpson’s, Looney Tunes and Nickelodeon. Johnny now shares his secret recipe for VIRAL Business and Marketing Suc.



His motivation is to deliver such a unique brand experience that its shoppers will line up faithfully around the block, over and over again.



Topics & Keywords

Social Media, Branding, Marketing, Corporate Culture, Leadership, Innovation, Creativity, Retail, Distribution, Entrepreneurs, Millennial Commitment, Millennial Sales


JOHNNY CUPCAKES ’s honors and awards

America’s Best Young Entrepreneur, Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America

…and others


JOHNNY CUPCAKES ’s work appeared in publications such as

Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, License Magazine, Los Angeles Times

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