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Keynote Speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

Jon Christoph Berndt: Branding professional & marketing specialist


Jon Christoph Berndt - Your powerful brand can be recognized by the principle, that you recognize it.

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Basic information about Jon Christoph Berndt


He enables businesses and individuals to improve their change results in order to achieve real profits with fun@work.
2005 – to present; Keynote speaker

an experienced journalist who studied political science


Talking Topics – Jon’s areas of expertise are the following


– Shaping future readiness and readiness for the next years

– Digital change

– Profiling, positioning, and marketing

– Brand and personal brand

– Employee dedication and loyalty

– Sales and selling

– Change and leadership

– Pay attention and get attention

– Setting the agenda and telling stories


Jon Christoph Berndt’s career


08/2005 – to present; Executive Shareholder

08/2005 – to present; Keynote speaker: profile professional and marketing strategist

Executive Coach (also online:




John Christoph Berndt is an experienced journalist who studied political science at university in Munich – Germany. He wants to know more and understand everything even better. John believes that tomorrow is just as important as today and it is crucial for him to understand what it means to everyone. That’s why he travels a lot between Munich and extended stays abroad. His travels are essential to his visionary ideas and attitudes with nourishment and sustenance.


Jon Christoph Speaker Specialisation

JCB often appears in the media from n-tv and RTL to WDR and ZDF. His area of expertise is live broadcasting. He also writes columns and is the author of various books, non-fiction and self-help books. With Management Consultancy Branding in Munich, he supports companies and their employees in highlighting and improving their marketing success. JCB currently teaches at the University of St. Petersburg.


John Christophe Berndt (JCB) lives in the way he says. So you can feel it every second. That’s why his performances are so exciting and inspiring. He is committed to supporting companies and people who want to make a difference and present themselves convincingly to get the attention they deserve. John Christophe Berndt is one of the leading figures in the field of image, recognition and marketing success.


Jon Christoph Speaker’s Methods

JCB performs on stage – both small and large – for ten and two thousand people, in German and English. Individual talks, not standardized ones, because the participants deserve it. Its motto: “Those who are motivated, motivate themselves” and with his unique sense of humor open their hearts and reach their minds through their hearts. If you laugh, you learn – his unique technique of deliberate provocation guarantees this. All this inspires the businessmen, managers and public figures he trains to do something good in something extraordinary.


Jon’s keynote topics


Sell like a rock star!

Turn your brands into an adventure and your clients into fans!


What you and your client will take with you:

  • Overview: What makes products irresistible?
  • Recognition: How the brand get so popular that you can’t get enough of these brands?
  • Breakthrough: How to plan sales successes



How to turn clients into supporters and how enterprises prepare for the coming challenges.


What you and your guest will take with you:

  • Insights: What tomorrow’s customers and consumers truly desire
  • Aha: How the brand is the perfect host, you always want to come to visit again.
  • Guarantee: How you can plan tomorrow’s victories today


Human Branding

Especially in the breakthrough times: You are the most powerful brand!


What you and your guest will take with yourselves:

Roadmap: How a person becomes a person with a unique and appealing human brand.

Benefits: How to animate your human brand to make it inspiring, meaningful and profitable.

Success: How can you do less, but accomplish more?


Attracting attention

In the digital era: how to draw attention to what you deserve


What you and your guest will take with yourselves:

Approach: How to work goal-oriented and relaxed and thereby win.

Strategy: How to influence people with adopted values

Plan: How does paying attention to the customer boost sales and profitability.


Publications by Jon Christoph Berndt


  • Die stärkste Marke sind Sie selbst! [You are the strongest brand!]
  • Aufmerksamkeit [Attention]
  • Future-ready!: Gelebte Identität in disruptiven Zeiten – so werden Unternehmen zukunftsfest [Future-ready!: Living identity in disruptive times – this is how companies become fit for the future]
  • Benchmarken [Benchmarks]
  • Einfach markant! [Simply striking!]
  • Die stärkste Marke sind Sie selbst! – Das Human Branding Praxisbuch [You are the strongest brand! – The Human Branding Practice Book]
  • Brand New [Brand New]

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Latest publications by Jon Christoph Berndt


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