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Magnus Lindkvist - Everything We Know is Wrong!


Magnus Lindkvist - Trendspotter and futurologist

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Basic information about Magnus Lindkvist


There’s nothing more important in the present than prophecies about the future. And this is the Magnus Lindquist’s starting point.

Talking Topics – Magnus Lindkvist’s areas of expertise are the following:


Most of the prophecies simply represent the future as a continuation of the present and the future – what we are discovering are already confirmed trends for the next summer.


Business is based on concentration. However, with the attention comes myopia, and to overcome it, Magnus appears to shake things up. To be invited as a keynote speaker, you receive approval to negotiate and interrupt.


People are busy

Many people are so busy – after all, we call it “busy-ness” that they don’t have time to reflect beyond the next fiscal quarter. Short-term pay systems provide a chronically, temporary mindset.

When finally there is a need for renewal, in the time when you see rivals progressing through the rearview mirror, it is too late. There are no more gears to speed up.


Intelligent Acupuncture

“I do intelligent acupuncture,” states Magnus Lindquist. “I use small needles to prevent procrastination and cause an avalanche of blood to the head. Sometimes the outcome is immediate. Other times they start to work after a while.


Magnus Lindquist builds his sharp acupuncture needles from the constant curiosity of a journalist, an economist’s in-depth knowledge and a thirst to hypnotize the audience that the tireless rock star is experiencing.


The mixture of these three factors has made him one of the most sought desired keynote speaker on future trends and thinking.


Experiencing Magnus Lindquist is like restarting the brain.


Magnus Lindkvist’s career


Magnus has made his profession of combining the measurability and tangibility of the world of business with an imaginary Hollywood story. He established his firm in 2005 to assist companies to make sense (and capital)  from future trends. At the beginning of his career path, Magnus served as a brand strategist at Differ, as well as Director of Planning and a member of the management team at Grow Brand Strategy Agency.


Magnus Lindkvist’s awards and honors


Magnus created the world’s first academically accredited “Trendspotting and Future Thinking” course at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in 2008. Moreover, in the next year in Sweden, he won the prestigious “Business Speaker of the Year” award.


Magnus Lindkvist’s publications


With his speeches and three books – ‘Everything We Know Is Wrong,’ ‘The Attack of the Unexpected,’ and ‘When the Future Begins’ – Magnus confronts all of our thinking and vision of the future.

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