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Keynote Speaker Marcos de Quinto

Marcos de Quinto: Specialist in Marketing and Business Management. The Coca-Cola Company - Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.


Marcos de Quinto - Taste the Feeling - Coca Cola.

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Basic information about


Expert in areas of Marketing and Business Management. In the Coca-Cola Company – Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.


Speaking Topics – Marcos de Quinto ‘s areas of expertise are the following:


– Business & Change Management – Leadership in a fast-growing global industry

– Strategy and implementation

– Transformation into a modern world and technology

– Marketing & Communication


With 35 years of experience as head of Coca-Cola’s marketing activities, De Quinto’s presentations address different aspects of business strategy, people and team management, and trends in the fast-paced consumer goods industry (FMCG).


Marcos de Quinto ‘s career


2018 – Present Member of the Advisory Board of ESIC at ESIC Business & Marketing School

2018 – Present Member of the Committee of Assessors of the President of the COE at Comité Olímpico Español

2018 – Present Member of the Board of Directors at PlayFilm

2018 – Present Member of the Board of Directors of Queen Sofia Spanish Institute

2018 – Present Management Consultant at Marcos de Quinto

1990 – Present Ex-President and permanent member of the Advisory Board at Asociación Española de Anunciantes

2008 – present Vice President at Academia de la Publicidad

1990 – 2018 – Management to Senior Advisor positions at The Coca-Cola Company


Professional life

Marcos de Quinto’s professional life revolves around his time at The Coca-Cola Company. He entered the company in 1982 and held numerous positions until May 2017, including Chairman of the Spanish subsidiary for 14 years, Vice President of Coca-Cola in Europe and other jobs in Germany and Asia. His most recent position with the world’s most known brand was Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Manager (CMO), where he spoke of Marcos de Quinto’s topics:


Shaping the future of the companies

De Quinto, as Executive Vice President, helped shape the company’s global policy. As CMO, he was in charge of Coca-Cola’s overall marketing and communications strategy. Moreover, Marcos de Quinto was responsible for all of its advertising, including the worldwide brand strategy and “Taste the Feeling” marketing campaign, and the successful relaunch of the brand Fanta. He has been Senior Advisor to the new CEO since 2018.


Member of the board of directors

Marcos de Quinto has worked on the committees of several companies including Grefusa (snacks), Refrige (a bottling company based in Portugal), Mutua Pelayo (insurance company), Telepizza (a pizza chain brand which was acquired by Pizza Hut in year 2018) and Ecoembalajes Spain (packaging company), where he was named president from 2008 to 2012.


He was also President of the Spanish Advertising Association, the American Business Council and the Club of Juries for the Advertising Efficiency Awards (EFI), as well as many other associations and foundations to which Marcos De Quintos brings his expertise in advertising, consumer goods, food, and beverages.


Marcos de Quinto ‘s beliefs


Not only is Marcos a great opera lover, but the speaker also enjoys making his own wine, his honey, and travels the desert in his all-terrain vehicle, a hobby Marcos de Quinto has practiced since he was 18 and which has driven him to participate in three Dakar rallies and three other Africa Eco Race rallies.


His lively and individualistic character has given his company numerous headaches and never hesitates to tell the truth about his personal Twitter account, in which he calls himself a “pirate.” I sail without a flag. I don’t play to convince you of anything; maybe you question what you believe.”


Honors & Awards


  • Premio COE (Comité Olímpico Español) a los Valores Olímpicos [COE (Spanish Olympic Committee) Award for Olympic Values]
  • Personalidad de Sector [ Sector Personality]
  • Premio a la trayectoria empresarial [Entrepreneurial Career Award Gold Master]
  • Master de Oro [ Gold Master]
  • Premio EFI 2012 a la trayectoria profesional [EFI Professional Career Award 2012]
  • “Lodón de Oro” a la trayectoria empresarial [ “Lodón de Oro” to the entrepreneurial trajectory]
  • “Ponente de Oro” [“Golden Speaker”]
  • Premio Aster 2010 de Comunicación en la categoría “trayectoria profesional en el mundo de la comunicación” [Aster 2010 Communication Award in the category “professional career in the world of communication”.]
  • Premio Micrófono de Oro (sección “Empresario”) [Gold Microphone Award (section “Entrepreneur”)]
  • Premio Nacional de Marketing como “Líder empresarial con mayor visión marketiniana” [National Marketing Award as “Business leader with the greatest market vision”.

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