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Keynote Speaker Markus Bihler

Markus Bihler is an Entrepreneur, Keynote-Speaker and Millenial Investor


Markus Bihler - The World is now a Barbell.

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Basic information about Markus Bihler


Millennial Investor, Keynote Speaker, and Entrepreneur


Markus Bihler’s career


  • 2017 – current; co-founder of Builders Union LLP; London
  • 2017 year; Venture Partner at Vertex (Temasek Holdings); Singapore
  • 2015 – 2016 CEO of HappyFresh Group and Tirendo; Bangkok
    2013- 2014 CEO of Tirendo Holding Gmbh; Germany
  • 2009- 2012; Private Equity Investor; EQT Partners AB; Munich and Warsaw
  • Earlier worked for The Blackstone Group; London and The Boston Consulting Group; Berlin.
  • Before starting his full-time career, he worked for Citigroup in London and SAP in Germany. Mr. Bihler is an alumnus of the University of Oxford. He received his BA (Hons) & MA (Oxon) in Economics & Management with First Class Honors Degree in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford from 2004 to 2007.


Former Positions

Markus Beeler began his career as a shareholder of the Blackstone Group in London and EQT Partners in Munich and Warsaw as well as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Berlin. Born in 1984, he is a silver fox of the millennia-old generation.

Markus is the founder and CEO of Builders Union, a global technology asset manager based in London and Singapore. The company’s Global Equity Fund invests in the development of rising incomes and changes in the consumer behavior of the millennia-old generation, based on its research into how this generation ticks. Markus is also a Venture Partner in Vertex Ventures, a division of Temasek Holdings, a Singapore-based early-stage special fund for sovereign wealth funds.


Markus Bihler traveled the world while working

He was CEO and board member of HappyFresh Group, a leading online food company in Southeast Asia in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Before moving to Asia, Marcus led the European online shop Tirendo and successfully managed the integration of the two companies.

Markus Beeler graduated from Oxford University’s Balliol College, has a first-class education in economics and management and is a lifelong member of the German Academic Achievement Foundation.


Markus Bihler’s beliefs


Markus Bihler lives in London, Singapore, and Cape Town. A passionate athlete with a weak spot in the mountains and forests is always ready to take the extra mile for you!

An inspiring and encouraging report by entrepreneur and financial expert Markus Beeler!


Talking Topics – Markus Bihler’s areas of expertise are the following:


In his keynote speeches and seminars, Markus combines the analytic view of the investor with the perspective of the executive director as well as the European view from the perspective of his experiences in Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, China). His keynote speeches also combine conceptual ideas and analysis with great jokes and personal stories.

Marcus Bihler concentrates on the topics of most significant interest. He will be happy to adapt the keynote presentation to your individual needs – with a sufficient effect on your company and your customers.


The Playbook

His topic: “Millennium Generation in 7 Myths – The Playbook of the Greatest Demographic Changing in World History and its Effects on You.”


The growth of consumer demand over the millennia is perhaps the most profound demographic change in history. However, in the face of daily technology news, geopolitical tensions, and market volatility, long-term trends such as generational change are easily ignored. When people are focused on demographic issues, the focus is usually on the aging of the population, and young consumers are out of sight.


Markus Bihler defines three biases at the turn of the millennium:

  1.  We are ignoring a generational change in the belief that changes in consumption are cyclical or technological.
  2. We lack understanding of the scale and speed of generational change.
  3. We misunderstand the values and behavior of young consumers.

Building on this, Marcus 7’s keynote speech reveals myths thousands of years old. Take a look, for example:


The Myths

Myth #1: Millennials are broke. From an economic point of view, they are not important.

Truth: Millennials spend 10 trillion dollars a year and grow by 15%. Outside the developed world, this is the wealthiest generation that has ever lived in their respective countries. Already today, emerging economies account for 90% of the generation’s population, 60% of consumer spending and 50% of the wealth accumulated over the millennium. This generation is of significant financial and global importance.

Myth #4: Millennials are lazy, soft and justified.

Truth: The millennia work more hours than previous generations, fewer days off and more sacrifices for their work. More importantly, the boundaries between “work” and “leisure” have been blurred by technology, shifting the debate from “work-life balance” to “work-life integration. So we’re dealing with an ever-growing generation that waits for Wifi on vacation, responds to business email at night, and needs yoga breaks to shut down.

Myth #6: Millennials don’t respect tradition.

Truth: If millionaires had earned the label, Retro would have been one of them. This generation revives old craft techniques, preserves old languages, and buys older, more traditional and craft products than any other former consumer groups in their age. Amazed by the incredible variety of possibilities for everything from yogurt to yogurt to lifestyle, millionaires resort to traditional family and social models.




“Markus has been a speaker and moderator at Endeavor’s largest events in Asia and the US. Based on his experience as both investor, CEO and entrepreneur and given his great public speaking and moderating skills, he has always been a highlight. We look forward to seeing him again on any of Endeavor’s stages.” Sati Rasuanto, Managing Director Endeavor


“Markus has been a speaker at our global annual Strategic Ownership Group Meeting in Dubai or the last two years. This multi-day event brings together some of the most established investors, families, and CEOs of the Subcontinent, Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. His presentations went well beyond simple business updates, and – given his experience and superior public speaking skills –were greatly insightful and very entertaining to a very diverse international audience. We look forward to seeing him on stage again next year.” Shirish Saraf, Founder & Vice Chairman of Samena Capital

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