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Keynote Speaker Martin Bell

Martin Bell: Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures, Company Builder & Advisor for Global Startups


Martin Bell - Leading figure on digital entrepreneurship and a specialist on how to launch, scale, and assess startups.

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Basic information about Martin Bell

The start-up recipe for success! – Innovation = 1% idea + 99% implementation

Martin Bell is a start-up architect, investor, and global thought leader.

He helped build 50 companies.

Founder and CEO of Bell Ventures, Harvard Alumnus.

Playbook for innovation, called “100 Task Startup”.


Talking Topics – Martin’s areas of expertise are the following:

– Digitization, Digital Transformation, Mobile, Digital Interference

– Company buildings, start-ups

– Innovation, entrepreneurship

– Incubation, acceleration, cultural transformation

– Agile working methods, future of work

– Industry 4.0, E-Commerce, Food technology


Martin Bell’s career

2016 – Current Founder & CEO; Bell Ventures GmbH

2010 – 2016 Director, Global Venture Development; Rocket Internet Development

2007 – 2009 Technology Management Consultant; Accenture


Throughout his career, Martin has played a crucial role in building 50 start-ups at Rocket Internet. As Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures, he advises established companies in all industries on the strategic issues of their future. His unparalleled expertise has enabled him to develop his Playbook for Innovation called “100 Task Startup”.


Rocket Internet SE

During his time at Rocket Internet SE, he led 50 venture building projects. In founding, scaling or evaluating these companies, he not only worked in every start-up function (and defined their best practices) but also at every stage of their lifecycle (from day one to IPO).


His Principles

For Martin Bell, “digital transformation,” “agile working principles” and “start-up culture” are not catchwords, but first-hand experiences. In his keynotes, workshops, and panels he electrifies his international audience with his in-depth know-how, his rare ability to tell stories and his action-oriented aura. The participants get to know new tools that enable them to take their entrepreneurial projects into their own hands.

As an alumnus and board member of Harvard, Martin enjoys promoting the talents of the next generation in Berlin, where he is based.


100 Task Startup

Martin Bell is the creator of the “100 Task Startup” – a playbook for corporate innovation. Martin Bell presents the most important findings from the foundation of 50 companies, and the consulting of 30 public and private companies in the foundation of start-ups. It is a unique game book that shows all the important steps a company needs to take to achieve its goal of setting up a “launchpad” capable of launching and scaling multiple digital start-ups. The “100 Task Startup” describes a step-by-step process by which a startup can be transformed from an idea into a fully functional business in just 20 weeks.


Martin Bell’s beliefs

Martin’s fundamental belief is that in our digital world of rapid change, innovation is more of a commandment than an option, interruption is more of an opportunity than a threat, and entrepreneurship is for all, not for the few. Martin Bell believes that success in venture building sent 1 % idea and 99 % implementation. Venture building is not a matter of luck, but something that can be achieved through a gradual process. With his “100 Task Startup” playbook, this is a process he can teach, and you can learn.



Startups - Things you should learn from Startups

  1. “100 Task Startup” - How you can rapidly turn your disruptive ideas into reality using Martin Bell’s innovation playbook
  2. “Intrapreneurship” - How you enable your employees to become entrepreneurs within your company
  3. “Rocket Mittelstand”* – How to best combine the virtues of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with those of the startup-world (*concept by US author Prof. Hill)


Startups – What you should learn from Startups

  1. “100 Task Startup” – How Martin Bell’s Innovation Playbook can help you quickly turn your groundbreaking ideas into reality.
  2. “Intrapreneurship” – How to empower your employees to become entrepreneurs in your company?
  3. “Rocket Mittelstand “* – How to create the best combination of small and medium-sized enterprises virtues (SMEs) with those of the start-up world (*Concept of the US author Prof. Hill)
Digitization & Innovation - How to Turn the Digital Threat into an Opportunity
  1.    Digital Transformation - What the digital paradigm shift means for you and how to meet its great challenges
  2. Disruption - How to resist the exponential acceleration of product, process, and business model disruptions from Silicon Valley & Co. and how to become disruptive yourself
  3. Innovation - How to develop your very own innovation strategy to conquer new growth markets


Culture Change & New Ways of Working - How to adapt your corporate culture to the digital age?

  1.    Customer First - How to apply the principles of co-creation when designing the new, digital “Customer Journey” with your customers to quickly shorten the go-to-market time
  2.    Startup-Culture - How to create a flexible, iterative and experimental corporate culture characterized by the principles of Lean Startup and Design Thinking
  3.    “Digital Change Management” - How to adapt your team to the fast-changing digital age with an emphasis on emotional intelligence, creativity, and mindfulness


Future trends and technologies – How to boost your business potential

  1.    Business Models – How do you get a key position in your innovation ecosystem by moving to a business platform model?
  2.    Technologies – What you need to know about the newest technologies – blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, virtual/ augmented reality (VR/AR), Internet of Things (IoT) and Crypto Tech – to use them in your enterprise.
  3.    Mega Trends – What are the impacts of current megatrends – Industry 4.0, Automation, Economic Sharing, E-Commerce, FoodTech, FinTech, and E-Cybersecurity – on your business and how do you work with these trends?


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Martin Bell’s publications

  1.    Introduction to the 100 Task Startup playbook

The “100 Task Startup” playbook was officially displayed at Europe’s largest conference TEDxBru Brussels in March 2018. Martin Bell’s talk called “Can innovation be as simple as a checklist of questions?” provides an understanding of why 100 challenges are essential in today’s turbulent times.

  1.    Can Innovation be as Simple as a Checklist?

In this article, Martin Bell tells the reader about his new innovative methodology under the name Playbook “100 Task Startup”.


Martin Bell’s work appeared in publications such as

  •    Financial Times
  •    Wall Street Journal
  •    Berlin Valley
  •    Gründerszene

Latest videos and talks by Martin Bell


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