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Keynote Speaker Martina Fuchs

Martina Fuchs believes in the Chinese proverb ”不怕慢,就怕站”, which translates into "it's better to make slow progress than no progress at all."

Martina Fuchs talks about finance and business

Martina Fuchs is a renowned TV Presenter (CNNMoney Switzerland, CCTV, Reuters). She is a Business Journalist, Event Moderator & Keynote Speaker. Expert on the Middle East and Asia. She speaks 9 languages including Arabic and Chinese.

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Martina Fuchs is a leading TV presenter, business journalist, event presenter, keynote speaker. Martina Fuchs is known from CNNMoney Switzerland, CCTV or Reuters.

Martina Fuchs’ speaking topics:

– Asia and the Middle East
– Global Corporations and Financial Markets
– Emerging Economies and Markets
– Investment in Sustainable Transformation
– Intercultural Communication & Competence
– Multicultural Leadership & Training
– Coaching and Mentoring
– International Relations & Affairs

Martina Fuchs’ career

Experienced Keynote Speaker
Martina is also an experienced speaker with a focus on international finance, emerging markets, and the talent to handle intercultural executive communication and Chinese business culture.

TV Anchor
Martina Fuchs is a former CNNMoney Switzerland TV anchor who lives in Zurich. She also worked in Beijing as a senior business reporter for the Chinese state-owned broadcaster CGTN (China Global Television Network, formerly CCTV NEWS). Previously, she was a financial TV producer for Reuters in London and Reuters’ economic correspondent for the Gulf Region in Dubai.

Business Event Organizer
Besides being an anchor on CNN, she organized several important financial and business events in Switzerland. The most successful events were: China Europe Investment Summit 2018 in Andermatt, the Zurich CEO Summit 2018 of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). The opening of the world’s most giant China Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) in Zurich attended the Federal Advisor Ueli Maurer and President of the Swiss National Bank Thomas Jordan and the Swiss Management Forum (SMG) in Zurich in 2018.

Other significant events
Martina has covered significant events around the world, including the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Beijing Road and Belt Forum 2017, the Hangzhou G20 Summit 2016, the St. Petersburg Conference 2016 and many more.

Throughout her career, she has led several exclusive interviews with the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach, President of Syngenta Erik Fyrwald, Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, President of the World Bank Group Jim Yong Kim, and Chinese pianist Lang.

Bridge Builder in the Intercultural World
Martina Fuchs serves as a bridge builder between East and West and between North and South. She collects opinions and draws inspiration from news, financial markets, social media, and her rich experience from operating in diverse cultures and countries, from China to Yemen, from Switzerland to UAE.

Absolute Expert
Martina benefits from her strong global business network, TV interviews with leading CEOs, and policymakers. She is a professional and extremely passionate media personality and thinker, who is prepared to go far beyond the requirements.

With her intuition and understanding of the business and culture world of the Middle East and China, her intercultural communication skills, Martina wants to overcome stereotypes and generate more intercultural comprehension in today’s world. As a pioneer, she can quickly form relationships, get involved in the discussion, and strengthen cooperation in many various areas to have a positive and lasting impact.

Martina Fuchs’s Education
Martina has a Master’s degree in International Economic History from the University of Geneva, Switzerland; a Master’s degree in Global Finance (MSGF) from the University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong (HKUST) and Postgraduate Diploma in TV Journalism from the American University of Cairo, Egypt. Martina Fuchs is a specialist for Asia/China and the Middle East. Martina is an expert in Intercultural communication, leadership, coaching, and mentoring, being fluent in 9 languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Swahili.

Martina Fuchs’s publications & work

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Financial Times:
“Martina Fuchs: From China TV to the classroom”

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