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Melati & Isabel Wijsen: Inspiration and Youth Empowerment - SAVE THE OCEANS - BYE BYE PLASTIC BAGS



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Basic information about Melati & Isabel


An 18-year-old activist, Melati Wijsen and sixteen-year-old activist Isabel Weissen are half Indonesian and half Dutch but born and spent their childhood on the island of Bali.


Melati’s & Isabel’s project




An 18-year-old activist, Melati Wijsen is half Indonesian and half Dutch. She was born and raised on the island of Bali, currently a studying at Green School high school and a proud member of the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Board. She is excited about activism, ecology, humanity, youth empowerment, and also women’s rights.


Sixteen-year-old activist Isabel Weissen is also half Indonesian and half Dutch but born and spent her childhood on the island of Bali. She also attends a high school student at the Green School. Her passion is in dance and performance. Isabel firmly believes in what she stands for is the right thing to do.


Melati & Isabel Wijsen – So far, Bye Bye Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB)


A non-governmental youth organization that calls on residents and visitors of Bali to give up plastic bags. The campaign started in 2013 and was launched by the originators and sisters Melati (18) and Isabel (16) Vijsen. Since then, a group of volunteers from 25 local and international school students from all over the island have been running the BBPB campaign in Bali.


Influencing students and young people

The team was raising awareness about waste in Bali in the last four years. The group of young people was initiating school presentations and workshops, cleaning beaches, providing more than 16,000 alternative packagings, working to create a pilot village without plastic bags, lobbying local and national governments and giving talks at various local and international events.


The BBPB team interviewed 16,000 students from 12 countries in 8 different languages. They have become a successful international movement for the motivation and empowerment of young people.



In 2016, the BBPB reached a global level and founded nine new BBPB groups in international cities, and more than ten cities are planning to open their offices by next year.


FORBES listed the sisters as part of the top ten of Indonesia’s most inspiring women.


December 2018: Winner of the CNN Young Heroes 2018 Award.


November 2017: Bambi Award Winner in Germany


February 2017: The most extensive beach cleaning in Bali, 12,000 people, collected more than 40 tons of waste in 55 locations.


December 2016: got the Global Youth 2016 award in Taiwan.


May 2016: Celebrated 1 million views of Melati and Isabelle’s speech at TEDGlobal London, published eight months earlier.


June 2015: Received confirmation from the Governor of Bali that Bali will be free of plastic bags by 2018.


May 2015: The One Island, One Voice campaign was launched. It is a cooperative movement of activists working for more sustainable Bali.


November 2014: A hunger strike begins to draw the attention of the Governor of Bali. The second day he successfully met with the government to talk about stopping the plastic bags.


Melati’s & Isabel’s work appeared in publications such as


CNN, The teenagers getting plastic bags banned in Bali

HUAWEI, The Explorers ‘The Girls Protecting Paradise’ — Melati and Isabel Wijsen

MEDIUM, Melati and Isabel Wijsen: Forbes Indonesia 100 Inspiring Women

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