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Keynote Speaker Nicole Brandes

Nicole Brandes: Specialist for Future-oriented Leadership. Thought Thinker. Bestseller Author. Part of the Future Institute Europe.


Nicole Brandes - Global Specialist for Intercultural Intelligence & Intercultural Management.

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Basic information about Nicole Brandes


Nicole Brandes: In the context of digitization – the leadership skill of the future


It is no longer about digitization, but about what we do not want to digitize.


Nicole Brandes is the leading specialist in intercultural management. She understands how to communicate intercultural competence in a pragmatic and precise way, and she merely and highlights the reasons for common misunderstandings in the area of leadership, negotiation, and change in a global economy. She clearly explains how, in a multicultural world, people can better work together to achieve their goals. Nicole Brandes focuses on finding solutions.


Talking Topics – Nicole Brandes‘ areas of expertise are the following:


Nicole Brandes talks about the many challenges faced by senior executives in an increasingly complex business environment – and how they can manage them through their interpersonal competencies and identity building goals. She is committed to target- and values-based leadership specifically because of digitization and the desire for “belong” and “why” keeps on growing and developing.


Nicole Brandes’ career


2009 – present Impact Advisor to Executives, Author, Speaker at Brand Core Management; Zurich, Singapore, Jakarta

2016 – present Member of the Advisory Board at Digital Summit for KMU; Zurich

2015 – present Member of the Advisory Board at Swiss Leadership Forum; Zurich

2009 – present External Advisor at Swiss Excellence Forum

2004- 2009 Head of Corporate Communications at Capital Dynamics; Zug, London, New York


Nicole Brandes studied communication, strategic management, and intercultural mediation. She is fluent in five languages, has traveled to more than 100 foreign countries and has learned the Taoist success techniques from Chinese masters.

Nicole Brandes is a successful author and ambassador of intercultural management. She is a Thriver Global Mindset Thriver – Intercultural Business Specialist!


She has more than 15 years of experience working with opinion leaders and decision-makers around the world.


Nicole Brandes makes things happen. She is not only talking about intercultural intelligence – the subject is dear to her heart as an integral component of her Asian and European heritage.


In her work as an international management trainer, author, and speaker, Nicole Brandes helps people build forward-thinking leadership skills.


The Power of Intercultural Intelligence – A Pragmatic Approach to Connected Clarity


Her proactive approach was often called for: as chief of the local crisis support team after the Halifax disaster and as head of an international umbrella organization for a charity under the guidance of Queen Silvia of Sweden. She also received an award for the repositioning of Switzerland’s oldest private bank. She was in charge of setting up a communication division for two well-known organizations in the hedge funds and private equity sectors.




– Intercultural intelligence – 4 possibilities in a multicultural society

– Leadership styles for a global directory of actions

– Business leaders and the secrets of success of the top Asian masters

– Culture shock – Money shock!




“Nicole is a world-class coach. She knows the inside and the outside world of people and she understands the real canvas of what makes you powerful, successful and fulfilled.“

  1. B. CEO and Chairman of a multinational company

(from Nikole Brande’s Linkedin)


Nicole Brandes’ publications


Her book “We-Q – Wir-Intelligenz” was published in May 2016 and has become a renowned best-seller.

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Latest publications by Nicole Brandes


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