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Ömer Atiker is an Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker on Digitization & Digital Innovation

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Ömer Atiker: „Nobody brings the future on stage quite as charming as him!“

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Ömer Atiker is an Expert for successful digital transformation. Serial entrepreneur. Advisor and strategy consultant. Interface between man and machine. Author of several successful books.

„Nobody brings the future on stage quite as charming as him! “

Smart answers and unexpected insights into the real-life issues of digital transformation. Almost all companies today are undergoing a digital upheaval – but success will only be achieved when those companies manage to align technology, business and people to a common cause. There are many experts on these topics, but only very few who can really understand, apply and explain all three aspects and their interdependencies. Ömer Atiker is one of those few. He advises companies in all industries on strategy and implementation, he provides orientation and development for management and employees.

Digital Transformation: New and Different.

He presents his knowledge in a highly personal style, with drive and high energy, and with many surprising examples. Forget disruption and blockchain – the future needs fluffy robots and mousetraps with internet access, it will bring us dogs in industry and the indispensable Netflix socks! Between the lines and not quite incidentally, you will find a lot of wisdom from everyday transformation. Methods that make your way easier and clearer. Experience, which will help you to avoid mistakes and to become significantly faster.

Lasting Impact.

As a keynote for a customer event, his speeches are exciting, pointed, captivating and original. For employee events, he offers not only the keynote, but also a lot of strategic options to achieve long-lasting results. Conceptual design, preparation and follow-up of the event, videos, workshops, interviews, moderation, online training courses and supplementary materials all the way up to complete transformation projects: The keynote is only the first step.

Digital Topics of Ömer Atiker – A keynote from Ömer Atiker is always made to measure. It matches your event, your company, your goals. “Digital” can mean a lot of things – here are some of the topics Ömer covers in his speeches:

• Going Digital
These keynotes show what “digital transformation” really is about. What this means for the individual and for the company and how to get started. Basics of digital transformation, easy to understand and easy to put into practice.

• Digital Champions: Successful Transformation in Established Companies
Learn from other successful companies how to develop strategy and business models and how to take your employees with you on this journey of change. See which tools and methods will help you to transform just as successfully. These keynotes are all about practical experience and implementation.

• New Digital Topics
There are many new terms, methods and topics connected to “digital”. For example: Digital sales and the future of marketing. Failure, culture and New Work. Agile and Design Thinking. Whether it’s transformation for board members, digitalization for employees or new leadership in digital times: Ömer Atiker offers you explanations and solutions that are fun, easy to understand and directly applicable.

• Digital in your Company
Your company is already undergoing transformation? You are rolling out new software and new processes, many things are changing – but it still is a lot of work. And it’s not quite going as fast or as easy as you would wish. A fresh look from the outside brings new momentum to your projects and helps to overcome resistance.

• Digital Innovation
Read his third book, “Digital Innovation” (Publication 2019). But you can already learn today how companies come up with new ideas, test them, adapt them and start earning money. Learn how to use the full potential of your employees for a successful future of your company!

Frankly, how comes he knows all this?
Quite simply: It comes from his own experience. He grew up with the first personal computers. Studied industrial engineering and entrepreneurship, being an entrepreneur besides his studies. After completing university (and a thesis on man-machine interfaces of the future), he set up a multimedia department within an IT company. In 1996, he founded one of the very first Internet agencies, ever, in the Netherlands. In 2004, he sold the agency and took a one-year sabbatical to work on New Work with Frithjof Bergmann. In 2006, he founded the digital strategy and marketing agency Click Effect, which he still owns and runs today. Over the years, he completed well over three hundred projects for large and medium-sized companies, often in industry and for hidden champions.

All his experience flows into his articles, whitepapers and books. “Digital within a year” (Wiley, 2017) and the “Digital Transformation Survival Handbook” (Campus, 2018) show how companies are coping with and mastering transformation in real life. Use his experience and energy to get your event going with a swing! Book Ömer Atiker as Keynote Speaker for your event – LIVE or as virtual Keynote –  with The Premium Speakers Agency.

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