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Keynote Speaker Pascal Kaufmann

Pascal Kaufmann - Knowledge Management in the Storm of the Digital Revolution.


Founder of Starmind International, an Expert on Artificial Intelligence, Workplace of Tomorrow

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Basic information about Pascal Kaufmann


Pascal Kaufmann is a neuroscientist and founder of Starmind.

Pascal Kaufmann’s career


2010 – present Founder, CEO Starming Inc. USA of Starmind International AG

2017 – present Founder, President of the Board of Mindfire Global

2003 – 2014 PhD Candidate and Senior Researcher at Universität Zürich

2006 – 2008 Director, Private Banking at Julius Baer

2006 – 2008 Founder, President at Starmind Association

2003 – 2006 Consultant for Academic Clients and HighPotentials at MLP

2001 – 2006 Founder, President of SiROP Association

2002 – 2003 Consultant at UBS


Pascal Kaufmann – Knowledge Management during the Storm of the Digital Revolution

After graduating from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and Northwestern University of Evanston (USA), Pascal worked at the renowned Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, as well as on many projects to study the interaction between the brain and the machine. The purpose was to detect the puzzles of neural networks and brain activity.


He studied neuroscience and economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and Northwestern University in Evanston in Illinois. He has several years of expertise in financial services and also business development at Julius Baer Bank. In 2010 he founded Starmind together with Mark Vontobel.


As the founder of Starmind, Pascal Kaufmann is in charge of defining the strategy and business development; he is responsible for stakeholder management, branding, and the company’s expansion.


Topics of Pascal Kaufmann’s speeches


New technologies – Impact on business and employees.

There are many technical solutions in the field of knowledge management. These scale from databases and social networks to artificial intelligence tools. What technology ensures maximum benefit? In recent years, businesses have seen a clear trend based on their practice. Many companies rely on self-learning technologies that provide the know-how of the whole group to each member of the group individually.


In the area of digitization and “cultural change,” a new form of cooperation and connection was made feasible.  A software named Brain Technology offers this innovative and advanced solution. It provides insights into the functioning and performance of artificial intelligence in alliance with futuristic “smart jobs.”


Biology and business administration: the ideal symbiosis

Starmind’s Brain Technology relates to the functioning of the human brain, which connects and brings possibilities for a dynamic combination of individual brain cells. Starmind Technology continuously learns for itself who has the know-how and experience in the corporation. Subsequently, it generates an internal network in real time that connects knowledge with employees. As in the human brain, where cells are interconnected, new connections form and stimulate the redirection to achieve the best results. Inspired by the latest approaches in brain research, Starmind turns to the right specialists with questions similar to those of the intellectual connections of human brain cells.


Knowledge management and the digital revolution: how artificial intelligence supersedes knowledge management

In recent years, companies have noticed a clear course in knowledge management. Traditional systems break because of high complexity, low employee acceptance, and expensive implementation. More and more businesses around the world are investing in new technologies. The dynamic spread of knowledge throughout teams and employees is crucial.  In the digital revolution, intelligent technologies open up opportunities for collaboration and communication at a new level. Using European and North American companies as an example, you will gain insight into the functioning and impact of artificial intelligence, combined with social collaboration and futuristic “smart jobs.”


Pascal Kaufmann’s awards & honors


  • Top Digital Leader in Category “Tech Leader” 2018 in Switzerland
  • Best breakthrough technology in AI 2017
  • 100 most successful people under 40 in Switzerland
  • EY Entrepreneur of the year 2015 – finalist
  • Red Herring Top100 Europe Winner 2014
  • Swiss ICT Award – Newcomer of the Year 2013
  • Best Paper Award 2006, „growing virtual brain tissue“


Pascal Kaufmann’s publications


  • Growing Virtual Neural Tissue: Binding Spiking Neurons Through Sensory Input

Latest videos and talks by Pascal Kaufmann


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