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Perry McCarthy: Whatever it Takes!

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Perry McCarthy is naturally unique. He is an ex-Formula One driver, author of bestsellers, and also the former original secret racing driver from BBC Top Gear called ’The Stig.’ Perry joins his remarkable sense of humor and his skills of rising to the top against the odds to inspire and entertain his viewers worldwide. He does fantastic after-dinner talks or captivating business and motivational speeches.

Perry Mc Carthy is a perfect “After Dinner Speaker”

During his entire career of motor racing, Perry was famous not only for his eagerness and energy but also for his excellent sense of humor and approach to life.

His fame has since catapulted him into being in the high desire for big and smaller corporations internationally. With his unusual and alluring manner, Perry engages viewers with lively anecdotes and stories of highs and lows.

Perry’s talks

Perry’s talks are dynamic and include tales about his position as the original Stig (from Top Gear), his rise to Formula One, some misfortunes at 200 miles per hour and humorous sketches on Michael Schumacher, Nigel Mansell, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Murray Walker, and Jeremy Clarkson.

Perry gladly encourages audiences to ask him questions about cars, driving, Top Gear and Formula One and right after he willingly signs autographs for everyone who asks. Perry McCarthy is in high request to do business and/or personal talks. He combines his knowledge and enthusiastic attitude, along with his behind the scenes information of the Formula One world, to do a highly amusing and insightful presentation tailored to advance the client’s essential event messages.

Recent studies pronounce that each year over 1.2 million people worldwide – die on the road. If a health issue caused those deaths, it would be remarked as an epidemic. Tens of millions of dollars have been used in order to understand the cause of crashes, but a prevalent problem is ’lack of due care and attention’ which mostly signifies the driver’s distraction.

Perry McCarthy is passionate about his strong message for the necessity to be fully concentrated while driving. There is an urge for focus, the need for awareness, the obligation to predict and the necessity for common sense, self-control, and tolerance. His philosophy is pretty simple. It is manageable and doable by the standard driver and is intended to saves lives. As always though, Perry’s speeches are pleasant and charming, but he uses that manner to keep the audience to get these essential principles.

In the world of International Motor Racing, Perry McCarthy is famous for his speed and personality. However, he is also well-known for his courage, opportunism and deal-making skills. His slogan is “Whatever it takes.”

Perry McCarthy – Never give up

Such was his plan that Perry acted on North Sea Oil Rigs for two years to financially support the start of his journey to Grand Prix. Then as he rose through the ranks of global motorsport, he required more investment, which he in that time did not have. Instead of declaring “this is impossible” Perry McCarthy relentlessly searched for the needed sponsorship to make his dream of becoming a Grand Prix driver come true. There were countless tough times for Perry and his young family, but he didn’t want to give up, either with his professional or personal life. Each time finding a way to make his dreams happen.

His philosophy and his story have always been unique and inspirational. Perry’s accomplishments as a racing driver and his strong reputation as the original Stig from BBC Top Gear guarantees he is listened to and, as the Police and other motoring organizations have stated, that has shown highly efficient as a great approach to support best driver attitudes. Perry gives corporate presentations and discussions on safer driving, professional driving, and of course road safety.

Perry McCarthy’s career

The Original Stig from Top Gear
1992 – present After Dinner Speaker – Business and Motivational Speaker
1982 – present Ex Racing Drive at International Racing and Formula One; London
His sharp wit and ability to laugh at himself, and others, has delighted viewers, race guests, and even other rival teams and motorists, in pit lanes, paddocks, and pubs globally.

When asked about McCarthy, Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World Champion, said: “I have constant admiration for how he turns a no hope situation into some kind of achievement.”

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