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Keynote Speaker Peter Cochrane

Peter Cochrane: Futurist, Specialist in Technology and the Future of Transformation in Businesses, Individuals and Society


Futurist Peter Cochrane - Big Data - Marketing for Future Business - the Future of Transformation

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Basic information about

The futurist Peter Cochrane is one of the most valued and desired futurists in the world. Peter Cochrane talks about future businesses, technologies, innovations and the future impact of development on companies, individuals and society.


Talking Topics – Peter Cochrane’s areas of expertise are the following:

Peter Cochrane presents, among other things:

– Managing in a Turbulent World

– The Demise of the Silicon Age

– A Cloud of People and Things

– Marketing for Future Business: Big Data

– Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

– Future Cities, Energy, and Sustainability


Peter’s topics:

– WHO CARES: The future of global well-being services

– EDUCATION: Preparing for the future, not the past

– WORKING FUTURE: How will all this develop and what new jobs will form?

– HOLISTIC SECURITY: Transferring responsibility to the industry and our machines

– DEMYSTIFYING QC: The how and the real chances of Quantum Computing

– SALL DATA BIG IMPACT: The IoT will bring about significant changes as the most meaningful data generator

– POST TRUTH SOCIETY: Can AI protect us from politicians, rogue states and social nets?


Peter Cochrane’s career


Peter Cochrane is a former research director at British Telecommunications plc, the UK’s biggest telecommunications company. Peter is a member of the board of TTI/Vanguard, a group of famous innovators (including Nicholas Negroponte) based in Santa Monica, California, who continuously explore the frontiers of technology and warn early on of findings and potentially disruptive technologies.


In 2013, Peter was named a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), founded in 2010 by the Qatar Foundation (QF). His career at BT brought him to the position of Head of Research and CTO with a 1,000-strong team, working on studies ranging from fiber, fixed and mobile networks, terminals and interfaces, artificial life and healthcare to war games, eCommerce, eRetail, eLogistics, and business modeling.


He was one of the founding directors of eBookers – a start-up company that grew to become the largest eTravel company in Europe, with over $1 billion in revenues in its fourth year of operation. He was the founding investor of Shazam, the mobile phone-based music identification service.  It is presently one of the ten most downloaded apps on the App Store.


Peter has also devoted his time at university as a teacher. He was named the first Professor of Public Understanding of Science and Technology in the UK in 1998. A graduate of Nottingham Trent and Essex Universities, Peter received a remarkable Queen’s Award for Innovation & Export in 1990.

Peter Cochrane’s beliefs

“I wasn’t born to be an observer just watching the world go by – I was born to be a doer, a change agent, an improver of the status quo.”


“My mission; to change the way we teach science, engineering, and technology – to improve the nature of the Ph.D. & research – and to nurture business ready students.”

Since leaving BT in 2000, Peter has been a supporter and venture capitalist in the start-up sector and has been involved in the creation of new businesses in the travel, entertainment, logistics, IT, security, education, and healthcare divisions.


Peter Cochrane’s publications

Known for his out of the box thinking, Peter writes a monthly blog for, one of the principal information sites for the technology industry. Peter is the creator of over 1000 blogs, articles, and scientific reports, many books on the future, technology, business, management and life with rapid development.

He writes for newspapers such as The Economist, The Daily Telegraph, Wired, The Financial Times, Financial Director and the South China Morning Star. He investigates issues such as the future of information technology, banking, and payment systems, the development of our cities, administration, healthcare, industry, the environment, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.

He has exceptionally many publications. In the year 2019, he publicated:


  • We Need Truth Engines, Computing – 2 January  2019
  • Tackling fake news and propaganda with AI, Computing – 14 February  2019
  • Governments may try to lock down internet using AI, Computing – 27 February  2019



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