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Keynote Speaker Steffi Burkhart

Steffi Burkhart: Talent-Management & Change-Management and Generation Y


A whole new we-culture - Dr. Steffi Burkhart talks about Gen Y.

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Basic information about Steffi Burkhart


Millennials Representative – Human Capital Evangelist – Keynote Speaker


Talking Topics – Steffi Burkhart’s areas of expertise are the following:


Presentation topics:

– Young people are crazy! Contemporary demands for work and management. Young people as drivers of cultural change in both society and the workplace.

– Attract and retain young talents. What changes in thinking and what actions are needed to create a workplace that draws young talent?


In its presentations, Steffi eliminates once and for all common myths and preconceptions. She makes an energetic and scientifically grounded appeal against the casual dismissal of Gen Y-ers. Moreover, with her mixture of authentic vibrancy and substantial expertise, Steffi awakens the intellect and provides critical insights. She shows companies how they can increase their attractiveness as youth employers and create an atmosphere that drives a motivated, high-performing mindset among the young workforce.


Steffi Burkhart’s career


2015 – present Initiator, Human Capital Evangelist

2018 – present Board Member Internationales ThinkTank at Kronos Incorporated

2017 – present member of the supervisory board at Impulzity



Steffi Burkhart knows why the business world can no longer afford to neglect the Y and Z generations. It is because this issue is too important, the discussion is rather broad: “They don’t want to take any responsibility, are they sissies, disrespectful and lazy? Dr. Steffi Burkhart, speaker, presenter, author, a doctor in health psychology and a kid of generation Y, shows the stereotypes about the 20 to 35 years old of today.


A pioneering role

It covers the changing world of work, and it is where Generation Y has adopted a pioneering role – challenging existing patterns of work success and leadership, teaching the internet how to walk, constructing a digital reality and bridging its rules of the game to the analog workplace. Gen Y-ers are ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ thinkers; they lead more diverse lives and have experienced from an early age to cope with an increasingly complex world.




→ Demographic Change: Human Capital as a Resource of the Future

→ Millennials: New mindset as an important driver of the future

→ Digital Transformation: Cultural Change and Digital Experts

→ Skill Set in change: How we counteract skill mismatch

→ Support The Girls: Why We Need 100% of the Talent Pool

→ The modern consumer: The transition towards the experience economy


Steffi Burkhart’s beliefs


Steffi knows what he’s talking about. As bona fide GEN Y-er herself, she spent two regrettable years in a big corporation before starting in a start-up company, where she dedicated three years to building and managing a leadership academy. For more than two years, she has been investigating and examining the changing culture and shared values in society and the work environment, and why young individuals are one of her most powerful driving forces.


Steffi Burkhart’s publications


  • Die spinnen, die Jungen! Eine Gebrauchsanweisung für die Generation Y  [They’re crazy, the boys! A manual for the generation Y help who spin!]
  • Hilfe, die spinnen! Wenn Chefs verzweifeln – Tipps für den Umgang mit der Generation Y. [Wenn Chefs verzweifeln – Tipps für den Umgang mit der Generation Y.]

Latest publications by Steffi Burkhart


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