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Stephan Sigrist - MIND THE FUTURE: Scenarios on Economy and Society

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Stephan Sigrist - Why the data society needs more common sense.

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Stephan Sigrist: People and society as the basis for sustainable innovation. Linking the future with practice.

Dr. Stephan Sigrist is founder and director of the think tank W.I.R.E. He has been analyzing interdisciplinary developments in business, science and society for many years, focusing on the consequences of digitalization in the life sciences, financial services, media, infrastructure and mobility. Stephan Sigrist is editor of the book series ABSTRAKT and author of numerous publications as well as keynote speaker at international conferences.

After studying biochemistry at ETH Zurich, Stephan Sigrist initially worked in medical research at Hoffman-La Roche. He then worked as a management consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. Stephan Sigrist is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Swiss Allergy Center AHA and of Science & Cité. He is also an associated researcher at the Collegium Helveticum of the ETH and the University of Zurich.

Stephan Sigrist: The high market dynamics require a systematic and proactive approach to the future.

Dr. Stephan Sigrist has been analyzing interdisciplinary developments in business and society for many years, focusing on trends in the healthcare system and in the life sciences, as well as on topics such as digitalization, urbanization and new forms of production such as 3D printing.

The new overarching strategic policy issues.

What overarching framework conditions will shape the post-Corona world in the medium and long term?

What competencies does the new world of work require from employees and organizations?

The de-personalization of health – theses and antitheses on data-based health.

What foundations and content does credible communication need in the age of automated marketing?

How can we “humanize” our technological infrastructure and design human-machine interfaces?

What specific opportunities and challenges will the next phase of digital transformation bring?

What are the future needs and requirements of customers and society?

What are the ethical and conceptual foundations of business models in the data-driven economy?

What are the foundations for sustainable differentiation and trust building?

A systematic but also critical analysis of the relevant technological, economic, social and political developments is becoming a basic requirement for all private and public organizations. The high complexity of change requires more than trend reports and design thinking, but a forward-looking but reality-oriented solutions and a pragmatic translation into practice.

W.I.R.E.’s Future Studio enables the design of the future in fast track:
– From Trends to Transformation
– Addressing tomorrow’s challenges today
– Holistic and practice-oriented perspective
– Pragmatic development of concrete concepts, ideas and prototypes through co-creation with experts

W.I.R.E. is an interdisciplinary think tank with the aim of promoting an open and critical dialogue and establishing interfaces between science and practice.

W.I.R.E. is an independent think tank that curates the design of the future at the interface of science and practice. The basis for this is a systematic early identification of relevant developments and their translation into long-term strategies and fields of action for private and public organizations and their decision-makers.

Further topics of W.I.R.E.
– Mind the Future – Scenarios on economy and society
– Health Horizons – Perspectives on the Future of Health
– White Noise – Why the data society needs more common sense
– Artificial Intelligence & Smart Cities – What happens outside the controlled realm?
– The De-Personalization of Health – Theses & Antitheses on Data-Based Health.

As an interdisciplinary platform, W.I.R.E. has been distinguished since its founding in 2007 by an overarching understanding of business and society and uses this knowledge to develop long-term decision-making bases, ideas and new approaches to solutions. The focus of its work is, among other things, on the continuing consequences of the digital transformation and the linking of market-based and social innovation in the environment of various sectors from health and financial services to real estate or media.

In addition to the analysis of new technologies, business models and societal trends, W.I.R.E.’s expertise includes a multidimensional information architecture as a basis for customized, multimedia publications, event formats, exhibitions, keynotes, and even the development of “real-life labs” or prototypes. The think tank has an international network of thought leaders and decision makers as well as partnerships with leading companies, universities and designers.

Stephan Sigrist founded The Future Society Association in 2020: the future radar – sensorium for social trends. W.I.R.E.

Stephan Sigrist: What drives society?

The radar is a kind of map that shows changes in various areas, such as work and education, family, culture, nutrition and health, but also politics. As drivers of these developments, Stephan Sigrist with W.I.R.E. has defined a number of forces.

The most important trends are:
– Increasing awareness of our health
– Virtual exchange, such as communication via video conferencing
– Value orientation: the search for meaning or equality, but also the orientation toward extreme positions
– Attention economy: the staging of private and professional life
– Automation of repetitive processes and artificial intelligence
– Growing gap between high and low incomes
– Design of nature and man, such as genetic therapies or artificial substitutes for animal foods
– Increasing life expectancy
– Environmental changes: Climate change or the decline of biodiversity
– Measurement of our everyday life by digital systems and smart devices

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