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Finance & Economy Keynote Speakers

Our Experts & Keynote Speaker are experts in areas of Finance, Business & Economy. Also, their everyday business relates to the stock markets, Wall Street, cryptocurrencies, or the economy in general. Moreover, there are also very trending topics like the financial crisis issues, Industry 4.0 or even Brexit.

Finance & Economy presentations

In their talks, our keynote speakers recognize emerging trends and sketch the possibilities and opportunities coming from innovation. They inspire their listeners with their experience and knowledge and provide added value to your event.
Martina Fuchs talks about finance and business

Martina Fuchs

Martina Fuchs believes in the Chinese proverb ”不怕慢,就怕站”, which translates into "it's better to make slow progress than no progress at all."

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Lars Hamberg Premium Speakers Middle East

Lars Hamberg

Lars Hamberg talks about big data predictive analytics in the fund management industry, Artificial Intelligence and much more

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Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna: Global Thinker, Managing Director of FutureMap and best-selling Author

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