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Leadership & Motivation Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker & Leadership Experts: Leadership & Motivation - what type are you: a leader or a boss? How do your leadership abilities develop? What does a leadership position mean to you? Do you have a specific leadership culture and organization? Leadership responsibilities are a component of the management function and include outlining, coordinating, leading and managing. Are leaders accountable for control parts or do management and leadership roles correspond?

Forming your Leadership & Motivation skills

An active development: from manager to leader. Premium-speakers Middle East presents outstanding speakers on these and other matters such as authenticity, team manners, personality growth, learning what makes people tick, personality models and body language. Different Thinking – Modified Leading: the answer to unlocking business success.
Marina Cvetkovic Premium Speakers Dubai Leadership Expert

Marina Cvetkovic

Marina Cvetkovic - Leadership Alliance: Authentic, Agile, Efficient.

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David Bosshart Trendanalyst & Futurist

David Bosshart

David Bosshart is the owner of Bosshart & Partners and has been President of the G. and A. Duttweiler Foundation since 2020. He was CEO of the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for Economic and Social Studies in Zurich

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