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Wall Street New York: Jens Korte is there before the bells ring, the well-known stock market expert and Top-Speaker about life between the worlds.

Jens Korte knows all about storytelling. His stories couldn’t be more exciting and, above all, they are real. Location: the tough trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Stock market expert Jens Korte studied economics and cultural management and has been working as an economic policy correspondent for television, radio and print for almost 20 years. Every day, he reports from the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. It has been his dance floor since the 90s when he decided to move to New York, which he calls his home when not travelling for business.

In April 2003, he founded his company „NYPP New York German Press“, based in New York. “Jens is on the trading floor before the opening bell rings” is to be read on his company website. He loves to show the “Big Picture” and instead of boring PowerPoint presentations, Jens Korte uses his daily life experience as a journalist and father to explain the nuances of the US. His clients, among them the biggest financial institutions in Switzerland and Germany, appreciate and rely on his forecasts based on hard-fact observations for years. Jens Korte is a master at explaining the complex world of the stock market and even fascinates those who, otherwise, have little to do with the world of stocks and economics in depth.

The next crisis will definitely come, says the expert when asked about the future. After all, the New York Stock Exchange has enjoyed a “bull market” for years, meaning, that prices where constantly rising. Experience shows, however, that such a favorable state won’t last forever.

For the stock market year 2019, Korte does not necessarily see potential challenges in trade and customs policy, even if everybody talks about as it would sound “pretty dramatic“. Wall Street, however, would be talking about a “peak” for quite some time: the economy and profits will continue to grow, but economic growth as well as earnings growth will slow down and not be as strong as in 2018. If so, the new situation will most probably bring challenges for the markets. The expert also sees a possible risk in a potentially bursting credit bubble, created by the central banks and their low interest rate policy. Another factor might be the fact that the players as well as the nature of the products and the structures of the markets have changed. In case of a crisis, it would therefore be difficult to estimate how the new players will deal with it.

Jens Korte gives his lectures in German and English. In addition to the topics stock market and global trends, he speaks about the US with special focus on the effects of Donald Trumps presidency on the markets.